CarTuner Challenge 2014

After having heard reports from our clients that the CarTuner not only makes traveling more comfortable but also saves them fuel, we did a 1600 miles challenge to find out how much fuel the CarTuner actually saves our clients. We expected a good result but the actual figures were astonishing. We also invited Jonathan and Mat from J motion, a corporate video production company in the UK to record our test drive.

Watch the video or click here for more information.  Corporate Video by J motion
  • Sendemasten auf Hausdächern emittieren hochfrequente Strahlen, die unsere Gesundheit gefährden. Invisible, inaudible and noticeable only for  few, the electro-smog has become a constant threat to our health.
  • Unerwünschte Erdstrahlen lassen sich entstören Earth Radiation is as useful as the sun, when the dose is correct. Where they are unwanted, they can be suppressed.
  • Wasserader Dangerous pathogens: water veins can cause cancer when sleeping above one. Help is at hand.
  • Anzeichen von Burnout? Is burnout the price to pay for success in the modern rat race? What to does it have to do with electrosmog?
  • Erhöhen Sie Ihre Wasserqualität auf Quellwasserniveau Interesting information about our most important nutrition and how you can prepare your own drinking water effectively.
  • Help against Sleep Disorders Sleep Disorders: Where do they come from? And how can we help you to get rid of them?

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Swiss Harmony Challenge 2014

Swiss Harmony CarTuner Challenge

The CarTuner was initially developed to neutralise electro-smog in the car and to counteract symptoms like drowsiness, road rage, micro-sleep and irritability.
After getting reports that the fuel consumption is also reduced, we decided to undertake a challenge to get some answers. We planned a trip from London to Edinburgh and back to test how much the actual savings come to.
The results were mind blowing…


VIDEO: Testimonial from David S.

David speaks about his experience he had at the home of a friend that has been Harmonized.

Two Girls on the Phone

STUDY: What Is Tech Doing To Children’s Brains?

By Rhiannon Mills, Sky News Correspondent (6:44am UK, Tuesday 20 May 2014) Thousands of schoolchildren in the UK are being recruited for the world’s largest study on the impact mobile phones have on things like memory and attention span. The Study of Cognition, Adolescents and Mobile Phones, or SCAMP, will assess 2500 11 and 12-year-olds over […]

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