Harmonization for a better life

Are you constantly exhausted and tired? Are therapies only briefly effective and then everything goes back to how it was? Do you sleep badly? If you or your loved ones answered yes to any of those questions, then it may be due to the growing electromagnetic pollution in your home or work place. Earth radiation or water lines, as well as latent acting poisons in the home, may also be the cause. We can help reliably because with Swiss Harmony we offer solutions against electromagnetic pollution and other environmental impacts for your home, your workplace and on the move.
  • Sendemasten auf Hausdächern emittieren hochfrequente Strahlen, die unsere Gesundheit gefährden. Invisible, inaudible and noticeable only for  few, the electro-smog has become a constant threat to our health.
  • Unerwünschte Erdstrahlen lassen sich entstören Earth Radiation is as useful as the sun, when the dose is correct. Where they are unwanted, they can be suppressed.
  • Wasserader Dangerous pathogens: water veins can cause cancer when sleeping above one. Help is at hand.
  • Anzeichen von Burnout? Is burnout the price to pay for success in the modern rat race? What to does it have to do with electrosmog?
  • Erhöhen Sie Ihre Wasserqualität auf Quellwasserniveau Interesting information about our most important nutrition and how you can prepare your own drinking water effectively.
  • Help against Sleep Disorders Sleep Disorders: Where do they come from? And how can we help you to get rid of them?

Latest Blog Entries

Godeliève (photo by Matthew Cavanaugh)

Switzerland: “Waves Make Me Ill”: Testimony of Electrohypersensitivity

Insomnia, dizziness, pain. Godeliève, 37, from Les Ponts-de-Martel, lived three hellish years until she understood the origin of her suffering. It is now one year since she has been given new life, thanks to a “biotuner.”

Erectile dysfunction

Radiation from cell phones linked to erectile dysfunction

Wednesday, April 02, 2014 by: Tony Isaacs   (NaturalNews) As reported in the Environmental Health Trust’s latest newsletter, cell phones have now been linked to erectile dysfunction (ED). While numerous studies have shown that cell phone radiation leads to human sperm death and damage and decreased fertility, the new report of increased erectile dysfunction is […]


Electrosmog Testing

I can test DNA from a saliva or blood sample for electrical pollution, radio and cellphone frequencies and geopathic stress and how it is affecting the immune system. I tested Carol [Surname removed for privacy] this morning while she was in her home and she had absolutely zero effect from any of the above! -Sue […]

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