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WiFi Causes Irreparable Damage to reproductive organs

2016-11-03T09:38:35+02:0025. December 2014|

Microwave radiation is used for wireless technology and it damages the genetic structure of little girls' ovaries. This statement comes from the former British agent and radiation expert Barrie Trower and was published in a Canadian paper entitled: "Our children, our future, our responsibility - wireless technologies - an urgent, national and global emergency"

honey-like balm

2016-11-03T09:38:35+02:0017. December 2014|

Gabriela lives with her husband and two young children in Hannover and reported in a voice message about the first observations after the harmonization of their apartment.

Electromagnetic Fields and Chemicals

2016-11-03T09:38:36+02:0013. December 2014|

Electromagnetic fields behave similarly to other harmful substances (such as drugs, tobacco, alcohol, asbestos, psychological stress, etc). The toxicity of substances is based on their effects on certain organs, such as tobacco smoke on the lungs, psychological stress on the endocrine system. Even small doses can also cause non-linear reactions, sometimes they even have different effects than higher doses.

Kyäni: My secret to vitality

2016-11-03T09:38:36+02:006. December 2014|

A few months ago I met an old client of mine. She baffled me with her youthful look. Since my last visit she had seemed to have actually gotten much younger. I asked her about it various times. Three months later I feel 10 years younger and am completely pain free. I wake up with the will and force to seize the day.

CDC Issues Precautionary Health Warnings about Cell Phone Radiation

2016-11-03T09:38:36+02:005. December 2014|

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated their section for "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)" in the field of cell phone radiation and health. CDC now asserts that "Along with many organizations worldwide, we recommend caution in cell phone use." As the lead Federal health action agency, CDC provides tips to the public on how to "reduce radio frequency radiation near your body."

Cautious Parents in Silicon Valley

2016-11-03T09:38:36+02:003. November 2014|

In his article for the Kopp-Verlag Adnan Salazar cites various publications on the topic: How do managers of large technology companies in Silicon Valley and elsehwere deal with the topic of Tablets & Co with their children? The technocrat elite knows that the electronic devices interfere with concentration and can be addictive. We summarize the publication here for you.

Electrosmog and Breast Cancer

2016-11-03T09:38:36+02:0019. October 2014|

WHO has already classed electromagnetic radiation as a "possibly carcinogen" 3 years ago. This puts EMF in the same category as gasoline fumes and DDT. But in what way electrosmog can help cause breast cancer is still insufficiently researched. We have summarized a new explanation presented by Vidya Frazier in her article on "Wake Up World" in February 2014:

Children say cell phone radiation not important

2020-09-15T12:52:09+02:0010. October 2014|

The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection interviewed 2,500 children and teenagers about their habits in using their cell phone. One element was the question of whether the radiation intensity of the phone model can influence the purchasing behavior of children and adolescents.


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