BioHome Scope of Service

Protection from electrosmog in your home effectively creates an atmosphere in tune with nature. Connecting with nature is a basic human need. To some degree, you may have fulfilled this need already by buying plants and flowers for your home and enjoying their beauty and fragrance.

A harmonized home is a happy home because negative environmental influences don’t affect you.

A harmonized home is a happy home because negative environmental influences don’t affect you.

Whether or not we’re aware of it, we all feel the way in which modern society and technology get in the way of our ability to bond with nature. Today, most houses and apartments are bombarded by frequencies that are not in the natural frequency spectrum (also referred to as the harmonic spectrum).

Swiss Harmony’s technology protects your house or apartment from electrosmog. When we re-harmonize your space, we ensure that your home returns to a state of oscillating harmoniously. According to the law of resonance, in a harmonious oscillating field any frequencies that are not in harmony with the field cannot resonate. Thus, if your home oscillates harmoniously, as nature does, all unnatural high and low frequency electromagnetic fields, earth rays ,water veins, and even the frequencies of household toxins and food additives no longer influence you.

Our BioHOme service also help to improve the well-being of residents and animals. They include:

  • Elimination of electrosmog and other disturbing influences, especially influences from high and low frequencies (high-voltage power lines, overhead lines of electric trams and railways, radar, official and private networks).
  • Protection from the negative effects of pulsed microwave radiation (mobile phone stations and towers, cell phones, cordless telephone (DECT radiation), etc.).
  • Elimination of existing geopathic influences such as water veins and earth radiation (the Curry grid and the Hartmann grid).
  • Harmonization of the home’s water supply, i.e. the elimination of any existing information from exposure to heavy metals, hormones, pesticides and more, which could have an adverse effect on your body. N.B. Physical chemical reactions cannot be influenced by the technology.
  • Change in behavior of water-bound substances: clients have observed that they could remove calcium deposits in humid areas and fittings more easily after harmonization.
  • Harmonization of the indoor climate, which is reached by increasing the negative-ion content in the air. This results in less dust and cleaner smelling air, making your home a pleasant place to live.

The total price of the BioHome includes all requisite materials and their installation as well as a Swiss Harmony consultant’s travel time and fees.

You can find a price list for our services and all our products here.