Client Testimonials

I just wanted to give you a short update of our house harmonization from May last year. I have already told you that the water taps calcify significantly less or not at all. In the meantime, that is very clear. I promised you to measure electricity consumption and compare it with the previous year. A few days ago I got the electricity bill for 2019 and was able to compare it with the one from the previous year. We actually have a pretty much 15% reduction in electricity consumption. I haven’t had such a jump in years. That seems to be an additional pleasant side effect of house harmonization. Thank you for everything you did for us and best regards, Mario

Mario K. (DE)

It has been a few weeks now since you have harmonized our house. After you were gone, I had to lie down for a moment, because it “crumbled” in my head. I had this feeling from time to time in the next few days, now not anymore. My sister-in-law did not know that you had visited, but had a similar feeling in her head when she arrived in the apartment. The water was always cloudy with lime, now it comes out of the tap clear and tastes different. My son thinks he needs less sleep and generally sleeps better. We are very satisfied and thank you. Good luck with your work and all the best. Kind regards, Christa

Christa (CH)

Feedback on our home harmonization less than a year ago. Immediately after installation, our very hard water improved significantly; It got softer and somehow finer in taste. In addition, the faucets and water heaters became less calcified. Over time, we felt a pleasant serenity in our house(although we had previously lived together without brawls). We have the impression that the WiFi of the neighbors and the meanwhile installed cell tower in 200m distance leave us “cold” and unimpressed. The sleep quality has also improved. So we are completely satisfied with the BioHome installation.

E. Weltner (CH)

Thanks to Swiss Harmony we now have been harmonised for 2 Years. I just wanted to drop you a quick line, due to the electricity bill that I have just received. During the course of the year, especially in summer, we were once again delighted by the fact that we didn’t have any large spiders or ants in our flat. Remarkably, we have once again noticed that in the past year we have again saved 15.4% in electricity, compared to the year before, which had already shown a reduction in electricity used. That, although the level of electricity, 1265kWh per year, used by us is already considered low for a 2 person household.

I continue to think that it is an efficient use of electricity and a more efficient running of connected devices, due to the influence of the BioTuner Climate that has caused this reduction.

The most important thing, however, is still: We and our cat feel very, very happy and are very well in our home.

Thank you again, many thanks and best wishes for you and the Future of SwissHarmony!


Bernd M., Aachen (D)

I installed the BioTuner Climate as instructed in the Installation Video. The following Saturday I noticed less dust due to increased ions. The water changed its taste, it is no longer metallic. The limescale in the water cooker is dissolving. My grandson my wife and I have an immediately improved sleep. My wife has no more sleep disorders and her heart rhythm disorders are ever more rare and not a strong. Everyone’s general well-being has improved. The growth pain of my eleven-year-old grandchild is minimised. Our two small dogs are also better. Their flatulence (despite feed change) is gone.

Lothar S., Hamburg (D)

“We are a family of 5 living in a small solar community in the Northeast United States.  Our homes are heavily insulated, and have inverters in the basement to convert the DC current from the solar panels into AC current to move throughout the house.  We have several friends that are extremely electro-sensitive, and they have not been able to spend any amount of time in our homes without experiencing moderate to severe symptoms.

Our children had been experiencing some neurological symptoms, and we began to suspect that the EMR from the inverters combined with the base level of electrosmog encountered in the suburbs was affecting them.

I decided to do an experiment.  I didn’t tell anyone in the family that the climate tuner had been installed.  The first day, the verbal tic our middle son was experiencing decreased by about 80%.  I was shocked.  My husband (keep in mind that he didn’t know about my experiment) asked me what we did differently that day.  Did I eliminate something from his diet?  Try a different remedy?

I brought him to the basement to show him the climate tuner.  He was also shocked that it made such a tremendous difference.  After two weeks, we told the children about our experiment.  Our 12 year old said, “I haven’t had a headache in two weeks, and I was trying to figure out why… It makes sense now!”

I cannot recommend this product highly enough.  After our experience, I wonder what would happen if everyone, even people who don’t think they are sensitive to electrosmog, installed one?”

Nancy R., Greenfield, Massachusetts

I recommended your products and web-site very recently. […] I am very pleased with the product-my 16 or so fish on the garden pond are much happier and livelier as are my vegetable garden ( and other) garden pants.
I believe that the product has helped me make changes more easily as I am not so compromised by the various effects of impure water, electro-smog, and geopathic stress! The whole house feels lighter and airier.

Best wishes and thank you

Nina R. (UK)


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Carol S. Sarasota FL USA

Before, my wife would forbid me from driving faster than 85 mph. But after having installed the CarTuner I can cruise at 120 mph and she still look dreamily out of the window. She says she is completely relaxed and headache free. Fantastic!

Robert B., Hannover (D)

Gabriela lives with her husband and two young children in Hanover and reported in her audio message from the first observation after the harmonization of their apartment.

Her son surprised them all by being in a good mood in the morning, volunteering to empty the dishwasher and not arguing with his sister.

For the first time Gabriela noted that her jaw had relaxed. She was even happy to return to her home and “to dip back into this honey-like balm.”

Her sleep, often accompanied by nightmares, had transformed, serving her only harmonic dreams.

Her husband Robert took unusually took time off the next day to enjoy the time in the apartment.

Gabriela E., Hannover