Client Testimonials

Thank you both for sending the car harmoniser so quickly to us in France.
I did the 240km round trip to Toulouse airport yesterday & definitely noticed a difference.
I didn’t fall asleep on the journey there (as a passenger!) & felt much more awake driving home having picked up my parents.
And a big blind test was the fact that my father (who always falls asleep within 10 minutes of getting in a car & knew nothing of the harmoniser) “felt sleepy when he left the airport but then woke up on the journey”

Sue A., Surrey (GB)

The tests have proven that there is an improvement with the car tuner. Less gas consumption of about 10 to 15% and less gas emission of about 15 to 20%.
(Results of a larger, third part, independent test on 20 cars in a metropolis outside of Europe)

Jacques K., Geneva

I’m totally thrilled by the CarTuner. I drive a lot more relaxed and have the impression that I need less diesel.

Angelika P., Biederthal (F)

The water actually seems transformed. If guests talk to me because our laundry is so wonderfully soft, it reminds me of a TV commercial. But no, in my hotel it has become a reality. And you were right: We were able to reduce the detergent consumption by one-third.
It is also wonderful that the harmonization has adopted a holistic scale. Not only has the electrosmog and earth radiation been resolved, but also the tension in the workforce. The employee who caused a lot of trouble for the team and had to be employed by me in the acquisition process of the hotel, announced in the first week after installation that they were going to resign. I thought of the ants, you mentioned on your first visit. They also leave the house when harmony moves in.  Now I understand what you mean.
In the past three years, I am approached regularly by my guests about the extraordinary silence that they perceive in my hotel. However, most comments come from people who have not slept so long and tight, as they do in the Balance Hotel. That is what I am the most glad about.

Balance Hotel at Blauenwald, Badenweiler (D)

I installed Swiss Harmony just four weeks ago in my apartment, but this much I can say now:
My tinnitus has clearly decreased and I only have it when I am physically not doing well.
However, my general physical condition has improved significantly. I feel healthier overall and do not react to the radiation from the computers and televisions like before.
I also sleep much deeper and feel fitter in the morning. I am better and faster on my feet.
Overall, I feel that I can relax more easily in my apartment since it is harmonized.

Giulietta Cocco, Locarno

And the greatest thing is that about a third of my patients ask me (although I have not changed anything else in my practice), why the atmosphere in practice feels so different, kind, less hectic, etc. I had to smile and of course had to explain the situation to them.
In summary, I can say that I have invited something totally ingenious into my private and business environment. The only regret that I have is that I had not heard of this possibility earlier. It has improved my quality of life significantly and what more could you want.

Dr. Hans Hübscher, Arlesheim

Since the harmonization of MediBalance through you I constantly received very positive feedback from the guest therapists who offer their various therapies and seminars in my rooms: “The therapies are successful,” “The seminar proceeded differently than normal, very harmonious,” “in these rooms, you feel totally at ease,” and more similar comments.
For me Swiss Harmony is clearly the reason for this positive change and development over the last year. A success, for which I would like to express my sincere thanks.
All of us at MediBalance continue to recommend Swiss Harmony with conviction, also because clients who live in harmonized apartments respond better to therapy.

Annemarie Denk, Institut Medibalance, Munich

The experiences of the past year have shown me that it is quite important to many of my patients to have had their homes harmonized by you.
From these experiences, I will therefore happily recommend you because you have a heart for your fellow man and have a lot of empathy and compassion.
I especially like the fact that my patients get real help and even have the chance to get their money back if not satisfied.

Practice Dr. Joachim Colditz, Bad Arolsen (D)

We have now been able to make our own observations and are convinced that Swiss Harmony not only helps the inpatients in our 34 rooms but also to all medical, therapeutic and practical staff. In addition to the now harmonized workplace we gave a PhoneCard as a Christmas gift to all of our employees.

Paracelsus Clinica Al Ronc, Castaneda (GR)

Since the Autumn of 2009, after a cellphone antenna was built on the neighbor’s house, I suffered increasingly from sleep and muscle spasms in the neck in bed at night. Also, in general I did not feel at home in our home. Since the harmonization of the apartment I have regained a restful, deep sleep, the spasms are gone and I feel good again in the apartment.
I thank you Mr. Neubersch and your interesting form of therapy.

Dr. Corinne Caflisch, Homeopathic Doctor, Basel, CH