WHO has already classed electromagnetic radiation as “possibly carcinogenic” 3 years ago. This puts EMF in the same category as gasoline fumes and DDT. But in what way electrosmog can help cause breast cancer is still insufficiently researched.

We have summarized a new explanation presented by Vidya Frazier in her article on “Wake Up World” in February 2014:


Despite great campaigns against breast cancer, the number of cases is still rising in the US – 1 in 8 women will, statistically speaking, fall ill with breast cancer at some point in their life! After lung cancer, it is now the second most deadly cancer in women.

More and more research now shows thatElectromagnetic Radiation (EMR) could be a contributory cause for the rising rate. Scientists have examined various environmental influences and have concluded that the EMF radiation from cell phone towers, WiFi and other mobile devices today is probably the most important factor.

But how does the radiation influence our body so that the risk of cancer increases?

This is where we come to melatonin, we provide information about its role in our “Info Centre“. This hormone is produced by the pineal gland in the brain and is, so far, mainly known for the control of our day/night rhythm. It is also an important free radical scavenger and facilitates DNA synthesis and cell division – This way melatonin may help in cancer prevention.

Scientists found that a low melatonin level stimulated the growth of certain breast cancer cells but a high level inhibited it. As an example, breast cancer patients only have one tenth of the melatonin levels of a healthy woman.

EMF Radiation Inhibits the Production of Melatonin

In the past, it has been shown that light, drugs, alcohol, irregular sleep patterns, caffeine and other hormones can affect melatonin production. But now it has become clear that EMF radiation reduces the production of melatonin as well.

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The studies even showed that the number of breast cancer cells increased greatly under the influence of radiation!

So, what exactly is happening?

The electromagnetic radiation interrupts the cell communication systems determining how the cell behaves to their environment. The EMF’s are perceived by the cell as an “invader”, to protect themselves, the cell membrane hardens. This, however, results in pollutants and free radicals being trapped in the cell and important nutrients not being able to enter it. If the radiation continues at this level then the cell remains in the solid state and will die. This makes the affected tissue or organ susceptible to the spread of malignant cancer cells.

Some types of radiation have been found to be more harmful than others in respect to breast cancer. Especially cell phone radiation even more so if the phone is worn close to the woman’s breasts. But even low radiation or low-frequency electric fields (clock radios, chargers etc) may hinder the production of melatonin.

How to Protect Yourself from EMF Radiation

Our recommendations on “How to avoid electrosmog” are still valid and are sure to be the most important step.

If you’re someone already suffering from breast cancer, it’s clear you should steer clear of EMF exposure as much as possible and consider getting EMF protection products for any wireless devices you have and for the electricity in your home. EMFs may well be inhibiting your recovery.

If you’re simply concerned about possible future effects of EMF exposure on your health (especially if you have a job that keeps you awake at night or breast cancer is in your family), follow these same precautionary steps. You might also consider taking melatonin as a supplement and strengthening your immune system with antioxidant nutrients, such as green tea, selenium and Vitamins A, C and E.