Richard Neuberschx

A personal experience report by Richard Neubersch

Nowadays, regardless if we are old or young, we hardly get very far without food supplements. Our food today does not have the vitality that is needed by our body’s metabolism. The results are often missing vitality, quick drain of energy and pain in many different forms.

We need added nutrients to keep the balance. In the past I had tried a lot of such nutritional food supplements and surely they were all very good. However, a few months ago I met an old client of mine. She baffled me with her youthful look. Since my last visit she had seemed to have actually gotten much younger. I asked her about it various times. Finally she told me her secret: Kyäni, nutrients from Alaska.

Since then I have taken Kyäni myself. It has now been 3 months.

I can say out of own experience that it dwarfs the other products on the market. I feel 10 years younger and am completely pain free. I wake up with the will and force to seize the day. That is why I have decided to recommend this supplement to our clients.

The Kyäni concept is comprised of three products that are taken in the morning, evening, and before and after sports or strenuous activities.


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