schüler in der grundschule zeigen aufThe Baseler Zeitung (Basel Newspaper) recently reported that there has been a massive increase in the amount of WiFi antennas planned in Zurich, CH classrooms. By 2017 the amount of WiFi antennas will have doubled so that all schools have access to wireless internet. Zurich city has promised 5 Million CHF (£3.34m/5.14mUSD) for this project.

The planned Access Points are going to be always on and cannot be switched off if they are not being used.

This upgrade is encountering a lot of criticism in Switzerland as the harmlessness of WiFi has yet to proven. We had already reported about this back in December last year entitled “WiFi Causes Irreparable Damage to Youths reproductive organs”.

There are a few doctors and politicians that have criticised the move of Zurich City. One of them is Yvonne Gilli, Doctor and national councillor from Wil SG. She talks about people that have adverse effects towards WiFi. The most common symptoms are: Headaches, difficulties to concentrate and fatigue. Exactly these symptoms would be a huge problem for the capacity to learn in children.

Even radiation experts and electrical engineers that have been involved with the influences of high-frequency radiation for decades urge to only have wireless networks turned on when they are needed. Harmful side effects are possible even when within the levels deemed safe by the government. Especially the non-thermal effects are deemed critical by Walter Sachs, electrical engineer, and advocates to use wireless networks responsibly and activate them only when used.

The Federal Bureau of Health (BAG) published in its guidelines for the handling of WiFi that the long term effects were “insufficiently studied” and recommends to switch off the transmitter when not in use.

The office of Education of Zurich City does not agree with these advisories and deems the switching off of the transmitters as contra-productive. But they said that they would heed the security advisories of the BAG.

Although there is an increase in public concern regarding wireless technologies the upgrade and installations of new wireless technologies is unstoppable, even in schools. In our day to day lives wireless technology is an all present element that cannot be avoided.

We want to encourage you to protect you and your family. Inform yourself about the technological installations of your school.

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