Oxydativer Stress durch Handystrahlung

Scientists have quarrelled over the possible carcinogenic effect of cell phones for years. Consumer advocates see us in an uncontrolled field experiment with ever increasing radiation exposure. Therefore, the focus of research is usually on finding out about whether electromagnetic radiation can cause cancer or not.

Now new studies show that serious risks should probably not be ruled out. In the last five years, researchers explained in the “BioInitiative Report 2012“, around 1,800 analyses have been published that even show negative health effects when the official limits of radiation were no where near reached. The determination of these values is already controversial. Cell phone radiation is in the frequency range of microwaves that transfer their energy to water-containing structures heating these up. The limits for the maximum permissible radiation exposure are based on this thermal effect: they are intended to prevent body tissues – especially the brain – being damaged by heating. However, critics point out that biological effects occur already far below the specified thresholds.


This is the same result of one of the newer studies aimed to detect correlations between cell phone radiation and the development of cancer. It was performed by a group led by Israeli doctor Yaniv Hamzany of the University of Tel Aviv. His theory was that because mobile phones always irradiate the parotid gland there must be corresponding changes in saliva. When comparing the saliva of frequent cell phone users and of deaf people or cell phone rejectors there were in fact differences. This paved the way for the first signs of oxidising stress: in their cells he found that a lot of free radicals or peroxides were present. These aggressive chemical compounds attack the genetic material (DNA)  and therefore are among the risk factors for cancer!


Frequent cell phone users are particularly vulnerable

Frequent callers were those who have their phone on their ear for at least eight hours per month. Hamzany guarantees that most of his subjects from this group actually used their phones for calls for between 30 to 40 hours per month. “The result suggests that in the glands and tissues, which are close to the phone during a conversation, suffer considerable oxidative stress” says the researcher. “As a result, there is damaging genetic mutations, which can be triggered, which in turn promotes the development of tumours.” Although the study reveals no clear relationship of cause and effect, but it adds to the growing pile of evidence that suggest that the use of mobile phones can be dangerous in the long term. They also give a new direction of research. So we must now find out how fast the cells react in the salivary glands to radiation. In our post on December 31, 2014 we have already written about the health hazards caused by oxidising stress.

If you consider that the usage of apps like Facebook and other mobile internet applications, cause the same radiation levels than when you use the cell phone for a conversation then you have to conclude that a large part of the population can be counted to the frequent cell phone users that use it for more than 8 hrs. per month. We therefore advise you to check your habits and to decide where you can restrict the use of mobile communications.

With our PhoneCard You also have an opportunity to continue using your cell phone as per usual but not be affected by the radiation.

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