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This modern bracelet is a good alternative to the BodyCard or the BioRing.

Although, due to its size and material it is even more effective. The information that it contains is exactly the same as the BioRing or the BodyCard.

The BioBracelet was developed especially for children, as we have found that children like to loose or forget the BodyCard and they don’t like to wear rings.

The BioBracelet has been scientifically proven to work by the Institute for Resonance Phenomena.

Please choose the correct size for your wrist by measuring the width of it (in millimeters) and adding 5mm to the total.

This is how it’s done: In the picture the width of the wrist is 54mm. You then add 5mm bringing the total to 59mm. The closest size to that is the 60mm BioBracelet, which should fit perfectly. Don’t worry, if you get it wrong we are happy to exchange the bracelet for the correct size.

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The Swiss Harmony BioBracelet helps effectively to neutralize the negative effect of electrosmog. It produces a harmonic field in your body in which inharmonic frequencies can not resonate. This lets your organism effectively ignore any influences that the electrosmog may have on it.

In general, this can lead to:

  • Calmer in stressful situations
  • Higher concentration ability
  • lower aggressive potential
  • Any source of electrosmog is not perceived as a burden

Available BioBracelet Sizes:

Size Thickess (mm) Diameter (mm)
XS 15 50
S 15 55
M 15 60
L 15 65
XL 15 70
XXL 15 75










The Bracelet consists of carbon fibre and is very rigid and strong.

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1 review for BioBracelet for Electrosmog

  1. Lee Wharmby

    Excellent purchase,thanks so much Swiss harmony. I bought this bracelet to harmonize myself against the electromagnetic fields from the over head powerlines that run over my farm which were causing me terrible backache and fatigue which has now gone. But it has also helped with my ibs that I have suffered with for years. Thanks again

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