BioPendant for children and teenagers


  • Neutralizes electrosmog
  • Helps with exhaustion & burnout
  • Harmonizes your body
  • Strengthens your concentration
  • Improves the well-being
  • Increases stamina

The Swiss Harmony BioPendant is perfect for on the go. It allows your body to ignore the negative effects of electrosmog and cell phone radiation wherever they happen. More information can be found below on this page.

The Pendant is available with either Stars, Hearts engraved into the silver or no engraving at all.


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The BioPendant for children and teenagers has the same effect as the successful and popular BioRing. It generates a harmonic oscillation spectrum in the body, with which non-harmonic oscillations can not form resonances. As a result, all known environmental influences such as electrosmog, mobile phone radiation, water veins, earth rays, environmental toxins, etc. are ineffective on your health.

The BioPendant for children and teenagers also provides relief from possible HAARP influences and contains information that helps their wearers in their personal maturation processes. The effect of this product is immediately noticeable to sensitive people. Due to the harmonic fundamental vibration that spreads in the body, there are also harmonic “side effects” that are conducive to the development of its wearer.

BioPendant Material:

925 sterling silver

Pure carbon

BioPendant Dimensions:

Inner diameter: 13 mm

Outer diameter: 28 mm

30 days return policy

Any product from Swiss Harmony can be returned within 30 days without giving reasons if it does not meet the expectations. Exchange is of course possible.

Price: 210USD incl. necklace


Additional information

BioPendant Engraving

Hearts, No engraving, Stars


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