BioWeddingRing – Marriage Harmony


  • Promotes harmony between partners
  • Have a balancing quality
  • Help with electrosmog stresses
  • Help avoid exhaustion
  • Help increase endurance
  • and much more…
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The BioWeddingRing has the same effect as the very effective and popular BioRing. By creating a harmonic field in the body, other non-harmonic frequency cannot resonate.

We have three different models of wedding rings available the variations can be seen above. Please note that the prices are for one ring only.

A pair of BioWeddingRings creates more harmony between partners because they create a harmonic base frequency spectrum with which no other negative frequency can interact with. This way all know negative effects from environmental stresses like Electrosmog, cell phone radiation, water veins, earth rays etc. will not have an influence on you any longer.

The BioWeddingRing also helps the body to ignore HAARP influences and contains information that supports personal growing processes.

This is a way for a couple to not only show their loyalty and love for each other but to also have a common base for a harmonic frequency as the pair of rings are uniquely produced and also harmonized together.

Immediate Effect

The effect of the beautifully crafted rings is immediately noticeable by sensitive clients.

Based on the harmonic base frequency that the BioWeddingRing creates and permeates through the body, other harmonic “side effects” that are positive for the partners can be observed, like: better sleep, higher inner balance, more available energy and many more.

BioWeddingRing Material:

750 yellow gold N3, 18 Karat,
Ring inlay made from Carbon and a magnet strip (no magnetic properties)
It is possible to have the inside of the ring engrave with your name or wedding date or any personalised wish.

Prices and handling times:

The prices for our 3 models differ and are per ring:
Romance Model: 1,700 USD
Model Passion Model: 2,000 USD
Eternity Model: 2,300 USD

Every pair of rings are made specifically to order of the client by our goldsmith.

As the rings are crafted by hand and with extreme care, handling times can be up to 6 weeks before the rings are shipped.

IMPORTANT: When ordering please write into the “notes” field, which size ring you would like. 

Additional information

Wedding Ring models

Eternity, Passion, Romance


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