Cell phone users

The PhoneCard

Protects against Bluetooth devices

PhoneCard – Bluetooth Protection


The PhoneCard provides mobile protection for cordless phones and bluetooth devices.


The BioPatch was developed for all other mobile devices.

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The PhoneCard works through the law of resonance and requires no electricity or other sources of energy to protect you from EMFs. It is very thin and fits either on top of or under the battery of any cordless home phone. It is also suitable for bluetooth devices such as headphones or speakers.

Swiss Harmony PhoneCard: even kids can use a cell phone, fearlessly.

More and more kids are using cell phones on a daily basis.

As smartphones are getting bigger, more complex and have a multitude of radiation emanating from them we recommend the BioPatch, which we developed for exactly this purpose. To the BioPatch.

PhoneCard Specifications:

Material: 100% Carbon.

Dimensions: 30 mm x 17 mm x 0.17 mm


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