Resonance - beings of frequency

Resonance-Beings of Frequency – If you have not already heard about this documentary then it is high time that you watched it. It is a very good, perhaps even the best documentation on high frequencies.

“Resonance-Beings of Frequency” explains, in just under 90 minutes, the discovery of the Schumann frequency, its background and its significance for man and nature in a very detailed and unusually easy-to-understand way.

Various scientists report on the effects of artificial frequencies on humans and animals and go into the key function of melatonin in vivid detail.

At the end of this factual and enlightening documentation by the Englishman James Russell, one feels inaugurated into the invisible connections that could arise because – especially in the area of ​​telecommunications – it was not sufficiently examined what impact our high-tech products have on us.

Here is a 3 minute trailer. The full version is as follows:



The full version: