Our technology and work has been scientifically explained by Olaf Baumunk who is a Bioplasmatist and runs the Research Institute for Resonance Phenomena (Institut für Resonanzphänomene). We asked him to express his expert opinion on the mode of functioning of Swiss Harmony. This can be read below. 

We would like to mention at this point that this opinion is still not accepted by conventional science. New findings always take time to be fully recognised. Heliocentrism took centuries to be fully accepted. First postulated by Copernicus in his work “De revolutionibus orbium coelestium” in 1543 , it was not until 1835 when the Roman Church had it removed from the list of banned books that it was widely accepted. The now highly recognised Galileo Galilei, who went on to explain the theories of Copernicus, was condemned as a heretic. Original Wikipedia: “For advancing heliocentric theory Galileo was forced to recant Copernicanism and was put under house arrest for the last few years of his life”

We hope for everyones sake that our present society is more flexible and intelligent in respect to new findings…

Forschungsinstitut für Resonanzphänomene (Research Institute of resonance phenomena)

Olaf Baumunk   —   Bioplasmatist

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The products of SWISS HARMONY have a mode of functioning which is based on the transmission of information.

In order to understand the transmission of relevant information on to a human being, we have to make an unconventional approach, which draws a parallel between biological and technical systems. We start this by finding an explanation for the function of the sense organs, because the sense organs work as a human interface for the outside world. In a technological view, the sense organs are nothing else but transformers for physical data from the outside world and their adaption to the forwarding transfer by the nerves.

The structure of our sense organs varies from simple to complex. The different wave forms and frequencies of the incoming signals require different abilities of the sense organs, which is easy to comprehend, when we look at the different qualities of light and sound. Eyes and ears have totally different structures to receive different kinds of signals and to transform them into those kinds of information, which can be transmitted to the brain by the nerves. In order to understand the nature of nerve signals, one has to analyze the construction of the nerves and how they work.

One can compare a nerve to a single wire transmission line. The insulation consists of a grease film, which is narrowed down in determined gaps (nodes of Ranvier). A nerve does not work as a flow line for electrons or neurons as postulated everywhere, but as a transmission line for electromagnetic signals, where the signals do not move within the nerve, but in the insulation layer. This means, that nerves only transmit longitudinal waves (scalar waves).

The peculiarity with scalar waves is their structure with knots and bulges. When the distance between two knots of a scalar wave correlates precisely to the distance between one node of Ranvier of a nerve to the next, then the nerve is able to transfer the signal. In this way every nerve prearranges, what kind of signal it will transfer and what not.

(statements by Prof. Dr. Konstantin Meyl)

scientifically proven: Model of a scalar wave by Prof. Meyl

Model of a scalar wave by Prof. Meyl


scientifically proven: Model of a nerve with nodes of Ranvier

Model of a nerve with nodes of Ranvier

Our brain cells are of the same kind like the nerve cells. Because of this they can process the signals of the nerves directly without any further transformation. This fact shows that the brain cells work with scalar waves too. Our brain has a much larger power density then a computer, because it works with scalar waves, because only scalar waves are able to do a parallel transmission of information at one and the same time. A computer with sequential processing can never come up with the same power density as a human brain.

If we could see a scalar wave, we would have to describe it as a hose consisting of a lot of irrotational vortexes, like a sausage, which has been cut in many thin slices. Every vortex has a fragmental structure, which consists of many smaller vortexes.

The communication between the human body cells and the cosmological energy field happens through resonance phenomena, ether by synchronization or by desynchronization. Living cells are tiny dipoles, which means they are oscillating circuits that have an electromagnetic vibration and a variation of size at the same time, as long as they are alive.

Neutrinos are a source of cosmic energy, which is spreading as particle radiation in form of longitudinal waves. Neutrinos appear as potential vortexes when they do not move and rotate on the spot. When they move, they take the structure of a scalar wave. Neutrinos always have a very strong affinity towards scalar waves. Scalar waves function as antennas for neutrinos and bundle and concentrate the energy of neutrinos, which they deliver to the user (of Swiss Harmony products). This fact has been repeatedly proven in tests, because the energy of the chakras of a proband increased substantially, while using Swiss Harmony products (sometimes from 7.000 Bovis to 28.000 Bovis). This fact was leading to the assumption, that the hormone balance of the user got under a compensating influence, because the energy of the chakras is telling something about the hormone production of the endocrine glands, which are the physical counterparts of the chakras. Various bioplasma tests were made to find equivalence relations between hormones and the information-energy-field of the user, which resulted in the confirmation of the assumption, that Swiss Harmony products settle the hormone balance of the user – mostly by increasing the hormone production – but sometimes by reducing it. Here Serotonin and adrenalin were predominantly involved.

Neutrinos even influence the time – so that the flow rate of time can change. Neutrinos have an influence on everything that exists in time – including the mind of a person with the different states of sub consciousness.

The information impressed on Swiss Harmony products in form of scalar waves influences the quantum physical field of information of a human being, which controls the material and psychological processes within a person. The transfer of the right information balances the information-energy-field of the user. The Swiss Harmony products balance the structure of the quantum physical field of information of a human being and neutralize the bad effects of pathogen influences (like for example E-smog). The best materials to impress information on are silica, carbon, precious metals and gem stones.

The transmittable information on Swiss Harmony products have exclusively positive, constitutional and protecting effects on the user, which can be verified through radiesthesia and other tests.

Häusern, the 27th of April 2016

Olaf Baumunk – Bioplasmatist