Urban school girl with ipad tablet

Tablet-computers and our children’s health was already the theme in our last blog. Here we introduce you to another study by Dr. Devra Davis.

Although many are of the opinion that tablet-computers and similar devices are important learning aids, we keep seeing critical reports from the medical field.

Dr. Devra Davis, chairman of the Environmental Health Trust, stressed that radio-frequency radiation from devices such as mobile phones and tablets represent a significant health risk for children. The radiation from mobile phones penetrate twice as deep into a child’s head than an adult’s.

Dr. Davis continued: “Those who begin to use cellphones before the age of 20 have four to eight times more brain cancer 10 years later” Next she also warns of dangers for adults, especially women, sleep or jogging with her cellphones. “We are seeing breast cancer right in the centre of the chest where young women have stored their cellphones while running.”

“The World Health Organization said that radio wireless and cell phone frequencies are a possible class-2 carcinogen. That’s the same classification as lead, DDT and chloroform,” warns Dr. Davis.



Source: CityNews, Toronto, 16. September 2014


Video Link: http://www.citynews.ca/2014/09/16/tablets-could-be-harming-kids-health-study-says/

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