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Joshua Krick

I was born in Germany and I got my high school diploma (Abitur) in 2014 at the Comenius Gymnasium Dusseldorf. I am currently studying computer sciences but am going to go travelling in Australia later in 2015.

Nowadays, everyone my age thinks about where to stay and what to do in life. My focus is to follow and implement my interests, values and ideas. I love to travel, do sports and my main interest is in physics. I also have a strong desire to do good things in my life. This is exactly what I am able to do through Swiss Harmony.

After I decided to travel to Australia and possibly live there with my girlfriend, Swiss Harmony entered my life. It was not only the circumstances surrounding the first meeting, which aroused my interest, but even more so the technology of Swiss Harmony and the company’s philosophy, which fascinated me. I wanted to participate, to be involved. Much to my delight I was welcomed by Swiss Harmony with open arms.

During my subsequent training as a Swiss Harmony consultant my personal understanding of technology and spirituality was fully supported by Swiss Harmony and my compassion grew for the team. A completely new feeling for me after 12 years of school.

I am delighted to be part of a small but extremely sympathetic, innovative and creative team, for their corporate ethics are not only a concept but a living reality.

Every day I look forward to improve the lives of others where needed, and that where I feel most comfortable: in Australia!

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