Price List in Australian Dollars

A price list of all the products that Swiss Harmony has to offer.

Home Harmonizations

Living AreaPrice       Price (DIY)
Up to 800 sq. ft.1,9001,330
Up to 1300 sq. ft.2,9502,065
Up to 2700 sq. ft.4,2002,940
Up to 4000 sq. ft.5,7003,990
Up to 5500 sq. ft.7,0004,900

An exact Scope of Service can be found here.


Mobile Products

BioBracelet 2.0Arm250
BodyCardThe Body180
CarTuner SCars300
CarTuner MVans420
CarTuner LLorries625
MiniTuner ClimateSleep and Work place440
MiniTuner WaterKitchen, Bathrooms, Hotels440
PhoneCardCell and cordless phones120
SlumberBuddy SBaby Cots340
SlumberBuddy MSingle Beds415
SlumberBuddy LDouble Bed/King Size350