We are looking for freelancers


Again and again posts appear in the international media on the subject of: electrosmog, earth radiation, water veins and other environmental stresses. New research reports, findings, judgments, warnings, recommendations, etc.

We would like to draw the attention of our blogs to these reports, either in the form of a summary with a link to the original post or an independent article with source reference.

As a freelancer you would also have the opportunity to write completely autonomous entries.


Our menu items: Info Centre and Health Corner are far from finished and can have a lot more content added to them. Particularly in the area of health, we are looking for someone who writes about various diseases and symptoms describing them in simple terms and, if any, refers to the relationships with environmental impacts.


We reward every independent and original published paper with 10 cents per character. Excluding spaces.

We reward every summary of an already published paper with 5 cents per character. Excluding spaces.

Here is an example for a blog entry.

There are about 2,284 characters. We would pay the writer USD 114.20 for this piece.

Here is an example of an editors contribution.

here are about 3,458 characters. We would pay the writer USD 345.80 for this piece.

What is there to do?

Just send us an example of a piece of writing you have done. This gives us the possibility to check out your writing style and to get in contact with you.

Here is our email address: Email

You can of course also send us an Email with out an example text if you just want to open a line of dialogue with us.