Kinder bemerken elektrosmog in SchulenTo provide a safe learning environment free from electrosmog in schools is a topic very close to everyone at Swiss Harmony.

As most of the schools do not have the money for such an investment we have decided to offer this completely for free. This way the school only has to give informed consent without having to strain its budget.

Children and Youths are heavily influenced by electrosmog.


When it comes to the harmful effects caused by pulsed microwaves, children and young people are among the most affected and vulnerable people, for example by exposure to radiation from cell phone towers, cell phones and smartphones, but also by the Wi-Fi networks that are often installed in schools.

We know, through experience, of the dangers posed by the modern environmental pollution, especially of electromagnetic pollution in schools. Since 2009 we have specialised on the harmonization of electromagnetic pollution. Since then, we have harmonized several clinics, hotels and the Paracelsus Naturopath-schools in Zurich and freed them from the effects of electrosmog.

We believe that as many schools should get the same treatment, because it is known that the electromagnetic pollution particularly affects the health of our children and through the use of cell phones the risk of cancer, especially for brain tumors, has dramatically increased.

However, electromagnetic pollution also affects their learning and ability to concentrate to a great extent. It also reduces their creativity and increases their readiness towards aggressive behaviour. Especially in our sensitive, multicultural society, it is important that the social skills of our young citizens is not undermined by the harmful effects of pulsed microwaves.

We want to harmonize at least one school every month. We call every head teacher to take us up on our offer. If you are a teacher at a school then bring this to the attention of the board. Tell them that you would like to increase the learning quality in your school.

Please give us a call on: +1 (413) 376-8861 or email us on: