Electrosmog in the car

Talking on a cell phone in the car is more dangerous than you might think. On October 28, 2017, RTL asked explosively: “What does driving do to us?”. The results are alarming, but not new. The high radiation exposure in the vehicle can even lead to accidents.

Today’s vehicles are equipped with vast amounts of electronics. Building biologists carried out measurements years ago and found high levels of electric and magnetic fields in some cases. In addition, there are now also wireless applications such as WLAN and Bluetooth, writes Barbara Newerlas in her blog “Electrosmog and health”. The building biologist has written the book “Radiation and electrosmog”. Many people feel stressed as soon as they get into the car, become unfocused, aggressive, tired or get headaches. Do these symptoms have anything to do with the high levels of electrosmog in our cars? RTL measured brain waves and various other parameters in a test subject before and during a car journey – with and without Wi-Fi switched on. The results were astonishing and alarming for everyone: the conclusion was to leave radio services and even the air conditioning switched off if possible.

“Irradiated, brain-damaging Faraday cages”

“The scientists in the RTL program confirm what research has been proving for a long time.” comments “WLAN leads to concentration problems, exhaustion and burn-out. WLAN is cell-toxic. The new cars are irradiated, brain-damaging Faraday cages. And classrooms are now to be turned into such contaminated zones by the decision of the Conference of Education Ministers.” When making calls in the car, cell phones often have to “power up” at full transmission power in order to maintain radio contact, writes the Munich Environmental Institute. The car acts like a Faraday cage: reflections inside mean that only a small proportion of the radiated energy leaves the car. The remaining energy is reflected back and forth in the car many times. This creates strong fields in some places (see also blog post from December 18, 2015 on

Maximum transmission strength

In his article(published on, Dr. Wolf Bergmann, specialist in general medicine and homeopathy, Freiburg i./Br.) “Cell phone use in trains, buses and cars: the denied danger” with the connections between bus accidents and mobile phone radiation. In enclosed spaces such as buses, cars and trains, cell phones are known to work at maximum transmission strength, as the shielding effect of the vehicle body (Faraday cage) makes it difficult to establish a connection to the next transmitter. Even without actively making calls or sending text messages, cell phones that are switched on are always searching for the next transmitter with a transmission signal – also at maximum transmission power. “If only half of 60 students have a cell phone switched on (which is an understatement these days), as was the case with the Danish bus that crashed near Euskirchen, unpredictable frequencies and field strengths are created by interference and reflections, which can reach enormous levels at so-called ‘hot spots’.” According to Wolf Bergmann, very high field strength peaks can occur when many people are on the phone at the same time in such a room.

A flood of interference signals on the bus

According to Wolf Bergmann, the following proven immediate reactions to a switched-on cell phone are of particular importance in connection with bus, train and car journeys: changes in brain waves (EEG) that last for many hours after a short time, even in people within a radius of up to ten meters from the cell phone. Significant deterioration in cognitive performance (attention), clumping of red blood cells after just 90 seconds of phone calls (money roll phenomenon) resulting in reduced oxygen loading and impaired patency through narrow vessels. This means a deterioration in the oxygen supply to the tissue. “It’s clear that when 30 or more cell phones are simply switched on, and even more so when they are actively used at the same time, a flood of pulsed interference signals will rain down on the highly sensitive control circuits of the bus passengers and the driver.” It has long been proven that malfunctions and incorrect reactions occur under such conditions. According to Wolf Bergmann, what these are and after how long they occur is unpredictable for each individual.

CarTuner from Swiss Harmony

One way of protecting yourself against electrosmog in the car is the CarTuner from Swiss Harmony, for example. Above all, however, the device also eliminates the harmful effects of driving on people and animals by masking the frequency of the electrosmog with a new, harmonious vibration quality. As a result, the vehicle occupants are unaffected by static charges and the ever-increasing electrosmog. As a test carried out in the licensed “Emissions Analytics” laboratory in London has shown, the CarTuner also reduces fuel consumption as well as carbon monoxide andCO2 emissions.

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