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Live as stress-free as in untouched nature. Easy to use and to take with you when you move.


BioHome for self-installation means that you harmonize your home yourself and thus save on consultation, travel and installation costs.

The effect of harmonizing a living space has been tested with the GDV method (Gas Discharge Visualization) at one of our customers. You can find the result here.

We have provided instruction videos on our support pages that show you exactly how to use the two main devices.

No structural changes are required and you probably don’t need an electrician either. The devices are installed using either Velcro or cable ties. Both are supplied.

Here you can see a video of our customer, Bernd Matzkowski from Aachen, who bought such a package and filmed everything:

To order the correct package size, please read the product descriptions below.

Then select the appropriate size from the selection option. Once you have selected, the correct purchase price will be displayed.


No more exposure to earth radiation and water veins, mobile phone masts, radar, high-voltage power lines, railroad tracks and anything else that may affect our home from outside!

Put an end to harmful electrical fields, the high frequencies of WiFi, cordless phones, cell phones, smartphones, etc., whether caused by ourselves or generated by our neighbors!

With a house or apartment harmonization you bring nature into your home and your body can relax again as it would in the open, untouched nature.

We have described the Swiss Harmony technology in detail. Click here for the technological background.

You can read about the benefits of home harmonization and what our BioHome product can do for your home here.

Package contents and prices

Depending on the type and size of your home, we offer the following packages and prices:

BioHome package 75:

consisting of:

1 ClimateTuner size XS
1 WaterTuner size XS
2 BioPatches
1 PhoneCard

For apartments*, detached or terraced houses with a total area of up to 75 square meters
Investment: CHF 945

BioHome Package 120:

consisting of:

1 ClimateTuner size S
1 WaterTuner size S
4 BioPatches
2 PhoneCards

For apartments*, detached or terraced houses with a total area of up to 120 square meters
Investment: CHF 1,470

BioHome Package 250:

consisting of:

1 KlimaTuner size M
1 WaterTuner size M
6 BioPatches
4 PhoneCards

For apartments*, detached or terraced houses with a total area of up to 250 square meters
Investment: CHF 2,275

BioHome Package 500:

consisting of:

1 ClimateTuner size L
1 WaterTuner size L
8 BioPatches
4 PhoneCards

For apartments*, detached or terraced houses with a total area of up to 500 square meters
Investment: CHF 2,975

Please note that this refers to the total area, i.e. including cellar, attic, garage, etc.

(*) Important for apartments!

Rented or owner-occupied apartments in apartment buildings often do not have a central water supply for the entire apartment or it is not accessible for maintenance purposes. In such cases, it is necessary to harmonize the water locally, i.e. under the sink, in the shower, etc. This is also uncomplicated. This is also uncomplicated.
In such cases, you do not need one (larger) water tuner, but several small, so-called mini water tuners.

Package 75: two Mini-WaterTuners
Package 120: three Mini-WaterTuners
Package 250: four Mini-WaterTuners

If you live in an apartment, please select the “Apartment” field in the “Package type” selection option.

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Is Swiss Harmony also effective against 5G?

All our products generate a harmonious vibration spectrum at the information level of the respective energy system (house, apartment, car, human being, animal), just as you would find it in untouched nature.

In such a vibration spectrum (approx. 390 to 780 Nm = light spectrum), artificial frequencies cannot generate resonances and therefore cannot influence our cells.

Regardless of whether these frequencies are between 700 Mhz and 5 Ghz (the frequencies currently used for mobile communications) or between 20 Ghz and 100 Ghz (the frequencies planned for 5G at a later date): In any case, they are far outside the visible light spectrum.

Is home harmonization necessary if everyone in the family is already wearing a personal product?

Very good question.
With a personal harmonization with BioRing/BioAmreif/BioPendant or the like, you are of course already protected, but you are always dependent on the energy balance of the body. The energy level in the body rises and falls naturally throughout the day. If the energy level is high, then the harmonization strength is also high. The opposite is true for low energy levels in the body.
When a house is harmonized by a BioHome, you are not affected by such fluctuations because the energy level in the house is generally static. Therefore, after harmonization, you should avoid using mains isolators or deliberately blowing fuses.
Harmonization also has the additional advantage of improving the indoor climate. A higher proportion of negative ions in the air also makes it generally cleaner.
In addition, everything that is connected to the electricity is also harmonized, which means that the food in the fridge lasts much longer.

Have you noticed any improvements in your own health after harmonization?

I am one of those people who are generally spared illness. Nevertheless, I can confirm that I noticed two things, albeit much later:
  1. Basically every year in winter I was in bed for one, sometimes two weeks with a feverish flu. This has never happened again since I started living in a harmonized house.
  2. I have suffered from hay fever since I was 9 years old. But about 5 years after I had harmonized my home, my hay fever became less severe and three years later it had disappeared completely.

Does home harmonization also have a positive effect on blood pressure?

One of the proven consequences of electrosmog is disruption of cell communication. They lead to systemic malfunctions, which can affect the blood circulation depending on the disposition of the person affected. This means: blood pressure that is too high or too low.

Harmonization eliminates the disruption of cell communication. There are no malfunctions and the blood pressure regulates itself completely independently.

If our home is harmonized with your devices, can a necklace or ring still be worn at home? Do these then have a reinforcing effect?

Most of our customers tell us that this is exactly the case. They see mobile products as a pleasant addition to a harmonized home.

Do you have any experience regarding the weakening of the effect of your products over longer periods of time (5/10 years)?

You can assume that the effectiveness of the devices will not diminish.
Compare it with the effect of the Mona Lisa. Its impact has not changed, even though thousands walk past it every day and “take something with them”. We work with information and use gross and subtle elements as carriers. These elements determine the durability. How long will stainless steel or plastic last if both are not exposed to wind and weather?
The first devices we installed have been working for 7 years. As problem-free as on the first day.

Should I now scrape the shielding paint off the walls in my study and remove the shielding film from under the carpet?

In a study, the electrical appliances and lamps installed should provide a sufficiently powerful harmonic field.

As long as you have a sufficiently pronounced electrical field, the harmonization also works, because the electrical field is the carrier of the harmonic vibration information.

Should I keep my WLAN and cell phone off at night or does it not matter?

At night, I would always switch off what you don’t need, because you never know how much your neighbors’ sleep and health will be affected by wifi, cell phones and cordless phones.

The night-time cut-off switches stop the flow of electricity, which is necessary for your appliance to work. Should I now remove the night circuit breakers again, or simply prevent them from switching off, or even leave additional loads on so that (“as much” as possible) current flows?

The mains isolation switches should not be active if you want to make full use of Swiss Harmony. In fact, a harmonic field would still be present despite the active mains isolator, but it would not be very strong. It is better to deactivate them. It is not necessary to switch on loads to additionally amplify the field. The electric fields generated by the available current in electrical lines (walls), cables and electrical appliances are completely sufficient.

Should I now leave out the Geoshield mat that was previously under my mattress?

The Geoshield mat should have no influence on the effect of Swiss Harmony. However, it is advisable not to leave them under the bed because it is not known which healthy influences of the earth are shielded by them.

Can the effect wear off?


About 2 years ago you screened our apartment and it felt much better. Our boys, and we too, grind our teeth much less. We all feel better and need less sleep.
For some time now, my legs have been a little “furry” again at night. Somehow I have the feeling that it’s not as good as it was at the beginning. What could it be? The influences of the other tenants and owners should also be shielded, so that it makes no difference how much wireless is buzzing around down there, right?

I am pleased that you have had good experiences with Swiss Harmony and I am sure it should stay that way, because the effect remains, no matter how strong the external stresses may be.
As far as your impression is concerned, I can only assume that you may have brought something into the apartment that impairs the harmonizing effect. This can be a simple, small pyramid, regardless of the material, or other objects or symbols that contribute in some way to harmonization or energization.
I recommend researching exactly what additional items have been purchased in recent weeks or months that could fit into this “category”.
If you don’t come to any conclusions, I would be happy to visit you on one of my next trips to the Appenzell region and take a walk through the apartment with you.

Can I test Swiss Harmony before I buy?

Even though other companies offer non-binding trials for many products, we decided against it.

Instead, we give our customers the opportunity to return all goods purchased in the store without giving reasons within 30 days with a full refund of the purchase price.
For house and apartment harmonizations, we extend this money-back guarantee by a further 3 months to a total of four months. However, this right can be exercised at the earliest two months after installation.

Despite harmonization, it is not good in certain places in the apartment


Despite the harmonization in the downstairs apartment, my girlfriend says she feels uncomfortable in certain places in the apartment, restless, so not good at all!
What do they say?

Irregularities in the effect of harmonization are usually due to influences that act either in the home itself or directly on the body (amulets) of the residents.
More than once it has been found that objects such as pyramids or cuboids and other shapes, the so-called Platonic solids. were the cause of Swiss Harmony’s lack of effectiveness. The size and material of the objects do not seem to matter. Symbols such as the flower of life or gemstones can also have disruptive effects.
I recommend first checking what you are wearing on your body. Perhaps it is the flower of life or something similar. After that, I would simply walk through the apartment carefully and see if there is anything that could be disturbing. Please also look in cupboards and drawers, because in most cases subtle rays can only be stopped by aluminum or lead.
And that would be the next step: If such objects or symbols are found, it is advisable to wrap them in double-sided aluminum foil with the shiny side folded against each other. This renders them ineffective.
It should be noted that this does not apply to all apartments and houses. Most customers observe the expected effects even though they have not paid attention to the presence of such disruptive factors. I have still not been able to find out why they interfere in some cases and not in others.

What does an initial consultation cost?

My advice will not cost you a cent.
Together we walk through every room of your house or apartment to determine existing stresses and their strength.
After you have identified where and of what type and intensity the stresses in your home are and only after all your questions have been answered to your satisfaction do you decide whether you want a harmonization or not.

How long do the devices last?

Swiss Harmony’s biotuners are designed to last and remain effective indefinitely, and the oldest devices of this type have been in use for 25 years and are still working perfectly.

How do I know that your system is better than others?

Whether one system is better than another can only be answered in relation to the task and expectations of the person asking the question.
If you are convinced that you need to protect yourself because there is something evil “out there” that you must not let into your home under any circumstances, the best thing for you to do is to take building biology defense measures in the form of protective wallpaper and protective paints, etc., because only then will you feel safe enough.
Others, on the other hand, feel a lack of energy and want a system that gives them more energy. Appropriate offers are certainly more suitable than a pure building biology or IT measure. However, it should be noted that a regular supply of energy from outside can only weaken the body in the long term.
Other systems offer a kind of energetic bell that screens out radiation and is certainly also suitable for people who want to “protect” themselves against something. However, the bell causes the deflected rays to have an even more intense effect on the neighbors.

Why is Swiss Harmony different?

Part of Swiss Harmony’s technology is that it does not “energize” your body, your water or your living space.
Swiss Harmony is a pure information technology. It does not emit any energy. Where would she get them from? Instead, Swiss Harmony Energy Systems provides information. This can be the household current or the human body. Swiss Harmony creates a harmonious vibrational field in such energy systems. It brings harmony to an energy system.
In this way, it supports people in their deepest desire for harmony with themselves and their environment. With Swiss Harmony, nothing is “fought” and the enemy image disappears from a harmonized customer’s attitude to life. In a second step, any residual stress in the body is also removed.
At present, I am not aware of any other company that offers both of these services at the same time:

  1. Make environmental pollution in the house or apartment ineffective through harmonization
  2. To eliminate the remaining environmental pollution in the human body by deleting it from the cell memory.

You can find more information on home harmonization here.

How expensive is it to maintain the devices?

The devices do not require electricity or any other form of energy supply to function properly.
They also require no maintenance or care.
In other words, you only pay for harmonization once.
There are no follow-up costs or other additional expenses in the future.
Here you can find our price list.

Do I have to provide craftsmen?

No, installing the appliances requires neither the skills of a plumber nor an electrician. The appliances are only connected to the respective main supply lines (electricity, water), not connected.
Swiss Harmony devices work through resonance. Neither the water nor the electricity has to flow through them. Flowing past is completely sufficient.
Nevertheless, there are certain things to bear in mind to ensure a perfect effect.
You can find more information about the technical background of Swiss Harmony here.

What happens when you move?

A new home is always an exciting and joyful thing, if it weren’t for the lovely moving process.

The earlier the devices are installed, the better

As a rule, your Swiss Harmony equipment will move in advance, preferably as soon as you receive the keys.
Your old home continues to resonate in the harmonic frequency range for weeks, even after the appliances have been removed. The effect gradually diminishes and the duration of the resonance depends on how long they have been in use.
The new four walls should be harmonized as soon as possible so that the harmonious basic vibration is already effective when you move in. This is not a must, but if you have the keys long before the move-in date, why not start harmonizing?

This must be taken into account when expanding

You can remove the devices yourself. Make sure that you wrap the appliances in aluminum foil immediately after removing them. The foil should be laid double, with the blank side folded against each other (i.e. inside). Simply wrap the devices in this double foil, which is matt on both sides, and place them in a safe place. As long as the devices are not wrapped, they should not be placed next to each other or near a power source (socket, cable, etc.).

Please leave the installation to us or document it

It is better to leave the installation of the devices to us, as there are too many aspects that need to be taken into account to ensure safe and effective harmonization. If this is not possible, we recommend that you first take pictures of the place where the devices are to be installed. We then draw the exact position in the picture so that you can’t go wrong. We recommend that you send us a photo of the result for checking purposes.
If we come to you for the installation, we charge a simple flat rate of CHF 150 and no travel fee if our visit can be combined with other appointments. In other words, if you are flexible when it comes to making appointments.

For a better understanding, we recommend our page on the technological basics of Swiss Harmony.

Important note:

Have you ever thought about leaving Swiss Harmony to your next tenant or the new owner? Perhaps he would pay you a corresponding distance sum if you explain to him the advantages of harmonization. As a Swiss Harmony customer, you will receive your new harmonization at a special price. We will be happy to provide you with further information on request. Simply use the comment field below for your questions.



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