More radiation - less attention and performance - even less health

Because Apple's iPhone 12 causes excessive radiation exposure, there is a threat of a recall in France. Wouldn't such measures also be necessary for other devices? After all, the effects of mobile phone radiation on humans have long been known. An Augsburg study took a close look at the effects on children and young people.

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Resistance to electrosmog

The fear of electrosmog is no longer just the problem of a radiation-sensitive minority. People are increasingly resisting public Wi-Fi, power lines and other facilities that pose a risk to their health.

New discussion called for on radiation limits

The setting of limits for mobile phone radiation is increasingly coming under scientific and political scrutiny. A workshop in the European Parliament provided an insight into the effects of radiation exposure on people and the environment.

5G and WLAN: worrying signals

Resistance to 5G and the digitalization of schools and nurseries is growing. New studies reveal disturbing findings about the causes of mobile phone radiation. The movie "TOTAL TRUST" is also more than disturbing.

Thanks to cell phones: dead pants instead of fertility

Epidemiological study with soldiers confirms the results of laboratory and animal studies: soldiers who used their cell phone more than 20 times a day had a significantly lower sperm concentration on average than soldiers who used their cell phone less than once a week. This is the result of the largest epidemiological study conducted in Switzerland to date.

Mobile radio and its effects on children

There are only a few studies that have explicitly looked at the increased risk of cancer from nearby mobile phone masts. However, more recent studies on this topic are now emerging, and the results are more than worrying.

5G mobile network as a danger to people and nature

The evaluation of 164 study results on arthropods (mainly insects) clearly shows that the harmful effect of non-ionizing radiation on insects has been proven. The massive expansion of the mobile network to 5G in particular poses a serious threat to our ecosystems.

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If you also feel exposed to radiation, then it's time for a

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