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Hier finden Sie die meisten Rückmeldungen unserer Kunden, die wir im Laufe der letzten Jahre per Brief oder Email erhalten haben. Wer uns kennt, weiss, dass jede einzelne Kundenerfahrung echt ist. Den Zweiflern empfehlen wir, die nebenstehende Bewertung von eKomi zu überprüfen. Sie funktioniert als Link und führt Sie zu Kundenbewertungen, auf die wir ganz sicher keinen Einfluss haben.

The tests have proven that there is an improvement with the car tuner. Less gas consumption of about 10 to 15% and less gaz emission of about 15 to 20%.
Translation: The tests have shown an improvement with the CarTuner. Lower fuel consumption of between 10% and 15% and lower pollutant emissions of 15% to 20%.
(Result of a larger, private test series of 20 vehicles in a non-European metropolis)

Jacques K., Geneva

My husband slept like a god and so far there have been no further health problems – everything is fine. I myself had quite a bit of physical discomfort one day after your installation. Pain, which subsided after about 2 days. And I now also feel much more at ease in this apartment, which is still under a lot of pressure

Elisabeth O., Hochdorf

Dear Mr. Neubersch, could it be that the CarTuner also has an effect on static charging? In any case, I no longer get an electric shock when I touch my car. And the best thing is that my fuel consumption has dropped from 9.6 l to 7.5 l. I would never have thought that possible. I only ordered your product because I wanted to do something about the electrosmog in my car, because my wife has always suffered a lot from it. But even that is over now. Thank you very much!

Klaus T., Zurich (CH)

I can report that we have been consciously aware of the peaceful harmony in our house for 1-2 weeks. Our sleep has improved and we live together more harmoniously. Before, the fly on the wall was sometimes annoying, but now we no longer have any flies in the house.

Jutta K., Idar-Oberstein (D)

Dear Richard, for my milestone birthday, Helen gave me the ring that you designed. The size is ok for me as I wear the ring on the middle finger of my right hand.

I was able to experience its effect on the trip to La Palma and back, no stress, no discomfort, no siphoning off of energy, etc.

The ring works, thank you!

Hans-Peter F., Binningen

Thank you very much for the BodyCard, it really helped me through the trade fair. Normally I’m always completely exhausted after 2 hours at the trade fair. Now, apart from a few tired feet, I had fun all day long and was able to enjoy the trade fair and its visitors.

Gregor v.D., Cham

Swiss Harmony has only been in my home for four weeks, but I can already say this much:
My tinnitus has definitely decreased and I only have it when I’m physically unwell.
However, my general physical condition has improved considerably. I feel healthier overall and no longer react to the radiation from the computer and TV as I used to.
I also sleep much more deeply and feel fit in the morning. I am better and faster on my feet.
Overall, I have the impression that I can relax more easily in my home since it has been harmonized.

Giulietta Cocco, Locarno

Thank you very much for harmonizing my apartment. It is incredible that you were able to eliminate the strong electrosmog pollution so easily. The water is so wonderfully soft and fresh; a real drinking pleasure! I was able to reduce the water hardness setting on the washing machine and the laundry is soft without water softener!

Katharina S., Rheinfelden (CH)

I’ve had the NSF 8 since mid-May and I’m very, very happy with it and wouldn’t want to be without it. I still have problems with certain interference fields and Wi-Fi etc. due to my high sensitivity. But overall I feel more vital, more grounded, calmer, more relaxed and also more stress-resistant. I notice this particularly at my work, where I also have to work night shifts and where Wi-Fi is often available around the clock. Since I’ve been wearing the NSF8, I feel less dizzy and dizzy spells stop more quickly and I feel like I’m in a protective cocoon.
I also experienced some interesting energetic reactions: when I switched on the NSF8 for the first time and put it on, I got goose bumps for a few minutes and for about a week I felt very dizzy at times, as if my brain had to get used to it. I also had alternating hot and cold flushes and sometimes also strong sweating outbreaks, so somehow my whole bioenergetic system reacted to it.
I also have the impression that I am more aware overall and that I am better able to recognize psychologically conditioned patterns and programs in myself and can therefore deal with them more consciously and change my mind if necessary.
I exercise quite a lot, definitely every day, and since I’ve been wearing the NSF8, my stamina and motivation have improved.
In the beginning I couldn’t wear the NSF8 at night, but now I wear it at night from time to time, especially when I’m on night shift.
I feel more protected and stable overall with the NSF8.
If I forget to put it on, which really hardly ever happens, I notice after a few minutes that I feel strange ‘in my head’, more split, more dizzy, more separated from myself, also more susceptible to my mood tipping or certain people ‘throwing me off balance’.

Franja H., Hildesheim

In a nutshell: The NFS 8 Bio is like a bodyguard for me. I have become calmer and, above all, more relaxed. And I have the feeling that the neighbors and other people in the house do too (I live in an apartment building). In other words, my “nervous system” has become more “elastic” and more resistant to today’s environment. I definitely wouldn’t want to do without the NFS 8. Best regards

Erna W., Egg (CH)

Today I would like to report on the WONDERFUL ART WORK “BioPatch”. Since I have been suffering from electrosmog like a heroine for about 5 years, I didn’t expect much from the BioPatch! I came home today and it was the same as always! Immediately dizzy, severe weakness, feeling faint, tiredness in the eye area, palpitations and all the usual ills…

I thought to myself that holding the letter unopened in my hand might make a difference. That wasn’t the case for me. But then, when I unwrapped the magical product and held it in my right hand for about 4-5 minutes, almost EVERYTHING WAS GONE!!!! Like BLOWN AWAY!!! The important thing is to stay nearby for a few seconds with the BioPatch in your hand, where there is a wifi nearby and other devices like power cells, water cell etc etc…. It’s TANGIBLE how neutralizing and HARMONIZING everything works with this product!!! I have been running with a copper pipe in my hand for about 3/4 year, as I could hardly cope with the electrosmog pollution. Suddenly I could BREATHE THROUGH, almost FREE of dizziness and other strong electrosmog pollution!!! AND…With the BioPatch in hand, I was able to ditch the copper pipe for the very first time!!!! I have no words of gratitude for this magical development!!! I can recommend this miracle product to everyone with a clear conscience!!!

We are currently living in an electrosmog cesspool that will make us all ill sooner or later! We need alternatives!!! A “thank you” is far too little for BioPatch development! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Mr. Neubersch, dear Mrs. Fey and all employees of the company. Swiss Harmony for your tun!!!!

Elena A., Hammersbach (D)

I took the deep sleep band to my parents for Christmas. On a pull-out sofa in the guest room, I had trouble falling asleep and sleeping through the night the previous times; I suddenly woke up during the night and was generally very restless.
I fell asleep straight away with the deep sleep band and slept soundly. In the morning I was rested and felt harmonious – at my center.

Karin W., Hamburg
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