Children in the microwave?

Richard Neubersch from Swiss Harmony: "Children's exposure to electrosmog is often only unspecifically noticeable. "Disrupting electrosmog" is something our body does all the time and as long as there are no other stresses, we are perfectly capable of keeping ourselves in balance despite everything.

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Electrosensitivity- A naturopath reports

Berlin-based alternative practitioner Petra Ehrhardt has many electrosmog-sensitive patients in her practice and talks about her findings and solutions.

Harmonizing electrosmog - How does it work?

Presenter Corina Klein asks the right questions about electrosmog

Interview with Filippo Larizza Part 2

Richard Neubersch from Swiss Harmony in an interview with Larizza Filippo: Harmony, like love, is often misunderstood. Far too often it is talked about or presented as something unattainable. Our ancestors knew harmony as what they could feel and absorb in the great outdoors. Today, nature only exists in a polluted form, and electrosmog in particular has a negative impact on our health everywhere.

Interview with Filippo Larizza Part 1

Richard Neubersch from Swiss Harmony in an interview with Larizza Filippo: Protection against electrosmog, earth radiation and much more.

Effect of harmonization

After harmonizing his house, Günther Wagner noticed many changes and began to experiment further. He has documented his successes in the program and discusses them with Richard Neubersch.

Negative influences

Electrosmog: The decisive role of the psyche | Meaning of life - The more a person is centered, the less they perceive external negative influences. Richard Neubersch talks about this and his personal experiences with electrosmog and radiation exposure.

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Swiss Harmony in the media

Now very fresh on YouTube again. We have started a new series on YouTube. It is called Swiss Harmony V-Series and deals with questions you may have on the subject of electrosmog and Swiss Harmony and how you can protect yourself.

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