Electrosmog information brochure

Electrosmog is still an issue that many people turn up their noses at. They do not believe that the many electromagnetic fields and high-frequency radiation in our living environment can make us ill.

We have been offering to harmonize schools free of charge for almost 5 years. Various customers who work in the teaching profession had enthusiastically taken up this idea, only to be disappointed and demotivated to find that they had already encountered resistance from the teaching staff. They were laughed at.
This is just one example of the need for education.

There is enough official information material available. We recommend a brochure that has been available since 2005 and can be ordered free of charge in any quantity. In our opinion, there is no more detailed information brochure on this topic.

Electrosmog in the environment
It is published by the Federal Office for the Environment, Forests and Landscape (SAEFL) in Bern.
On 58 A4 pages, most sources of electrosmog and their effects are explained down to the smallest detail with the help of many clear illustrations.

So if you are sensitive to electrosmog yourself and would like to provide your fellow human beings with more information on the subject, then we recommend this brochure.

You can either request them directly from the Federal Office or order them from us in the comments field below. We would then forward your order.

The same brochure is also available for download here: Download

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