Both rings fit, although mine is a little big for the ring finger of the left hand; but people have enough fingers to choose from. The rings are very, very light (probably due to the carbon content), which I personally particularly like. Visually, I think the BioRing is a phenomenally beautiful piece of jewelry; especially because of the carbon inside and above all the curved shape, which reminds me a little of turbulence.
I’m glad I got the rings!

I would like to order another PhoneCard, which I would like to have “yesterday”.

In my case, the PhoneCard seems to have a much greater effect than the XXXXXX chip. For someone else, of course, the XXXXXX chip may be more suitable. (Note: The name was deliberately removed by us).

Bernd M. from Aachen with the Swiss Harmony BioRing on his bike

Bernd M. from Aachen with the Swiss Harmony BioRing on his bike

Incidentally, I cycled about 15 km each way to the customs office on busy roads and completely through Aachen city center. On the way back, I went shopping at a “jam-packed” supermarket. I was able to gain further amazing experiences on the way there with the BodyCard and on the way back with the BioRing.
We live far outside on the outskirts of Aachen; a very rural area and above all very quiet and tranquil. I don’t go into the city very often now and last time the traffic and the unaccustomed hustle and bustle of so many people really got to me. I was then drained of energy, a little confused, completely “out of my element” and just wanted to get away again.

With BodyCard and BioRing, things were completely different.

The whole time I was relaxed, centered and just looked at the hustle and bustle and all the traffic and was amazed and delighted that it didn’t bother me at all.

I even found shopping in the crowded supermarket very relaxing and when I got back I actually still had plenty of energy to get some things done.

Dear Mr. Neubersch, really, really great products – THANK YOU!

Bernd M., Aachen