Thanks to cell phones: dead pants instead of fertility

Epidemiological study with soldiers confirms the results of laboratory and animal studies: soldiers who used their cell phone more than 20 times a day had a significantly lower sperm concentration on average than soldiers who used their cell phone less than once a week. This is the result of the largest epidemiological study conducted in Switzerland to date.

In Switzerland, according to a report by, an epidemiological study on the effects of cell phone use on sperm was published in September 2023 by the University of Geneva and the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute Basel (Swiss TPH). The researchers analyzed the data of 2886 men between the ages of 18 and 22 who were recruited into the Swiss Armed Forces between 2005 and 2018. The main finding: “This large population-based study suggests that higher cell phone use is associated with lower sperm concentration and lower total sperm count (TSC). The observed temporal trend of a decreasing association is consistent with the transition to new technologies and the corresponding decrease in the output power of cell phones. Prospective studies with improved exposure assessment are needed to confirm whether the observed associations are causal.” (Excerpt from the study; free Download the study)

21 percent less sperm

Men who used their cell phone more than 20 times a day had a significantly lower sperm concentration on average (44.5 million per milliliter) than men who used their cell phone no more than once a week (56.5 million/ml). This is a decrease of one fifth (21 percent). The chance of pregnancy decreases if the sperm concentration is below 40 million per milliliter. Studies have also shown that sperm concentration has halved in the last 50 years from an average of 99 million to 47 million sperm per milliliter. It is assumed that this phenomenon is due to a combination of environmental factors (endocrine disruptors, pesticides, radiation) and behavioral factors (diet, alcohol, stress, smoking).

Mechanism of action not investigated

The Swiss study is an epidemiological and not a clinical study and therefore did not investigate the cellular causes of the damage. It proves a logical correlation, but no causality. Even if the authors do not want to commit themselves, their result also proves that a prevention policy and education of the population about the risk of sperm damage is necessary.

In contrast to the cautious assessments of the Swiss study, the STOA study (2021 ) of the EU Parliament’s Technology Assessment Committee, a scoping review, concludes after evaluating the overall study situation that negative effects have been proven. 20 other reviews also come to the same conclusion. The results of the STOA study confirm the most comprehensive meta-study to date conducted by the University of Pusan by KIM et al. (2022). She also considers the connections to be proven: The high-frequency electromagnetic waves emitted by cell phones impair the quality of sperm by reducing their motility, viability and concentration.

Contact point for electrosensitive people

Another piece of news from Switzerland: since September 8, there has been an official contact point for electrosensitive people in Fribourg. The Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) has opened the MedNIS specialist unit. “This is a big step in the right direction! It makes individual medical care possible and those affected are no longer simply pigeonholed as mentally ill,” comments diagnose:funk. This specialist unit is also intended to provide doctors in general with better information on this topic. The main objectives of MedNIS are: 1) To improve the care of people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) in Switzerland by creating a network of consultants to whom general practitioners can refer their patients for specialist advice. 2) To improve scientific knowledge in this field by collecting data from electromagnetically hypersensitive individuals. In future, alternative medicine practitioners will also be increasingly involved.

Official recognition is (still) needed

In Sweden, EHS has been recognized as a disability since 2002, and the EU has also recognized electrosensitivity as a disease since 2022. The WHO and ICNIRP recognize EHS as a fact, the cause of which is a mystery. “The current classification of disability or illness is very probably not or rather not applicable and ultimately also irrelevant, because it is a fact whose causes are not yet scientifically known,” comments the umbrella organization for electrosmog in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. According to the umbrella organization in its online article, electrosensitivity arises as a result of interference with the natural human health system. Individual reactions vary, as the technical, unnatural microwave causes a build-up in the human health system. “For every type of radiation, every chemical and every environmental pollutant, there are groups of people who are more sensitive than others. This phenomenon, known as individual sensitivity, is due to our genetic diversity. It is a fact that individual sensitivity exists.” Electrosensitivity can therefore be interpreted as the ability to feel electrosmog. “It is therefore very important that such a status is recognized, as this is ultimately also relevant for the receipt of sickness benefits and, if necessary, disability pensions,” the umbrella organization demands. This is not yet possible in Switzerland.

Generate a harmonic oscillation field

How can you protect yourself and your children from high-frequency radiation and electrosmog? “The law of resonance states that no resonances can occur in an oscillating field with oscillations whose frequencies lie outside those of the field,” says Richard Neubersch. In other words: In a harmonic oscillation field, artificial radiation has no effect, regardless of who generates it, whether it comes from a neighbor or a nearby mobile phone mast. The mobile products from Swiss Harmony (BioRing, BodyCard, BioBracelet and the BioPatch) harmonize the human body by transmitting the harmonic vibration as information to the human energy system. This means that artificially created radiation fields can no longer resonate.

Protection from harmful radiation
In concrete terms, this means that Products from Swiss Harmony for harmonizing houses and apartments ensure that the electricity that supplies a building with electricity receives a different message. “They transfer the information of the visible light spectrum to the passing current via the resonance path, which in turn distributes it throughout the entire effective range of the circuit,” explains Richard Neubersch. The electromagnetic field of the apartment or house thus becomes a harmonious field. In-house WLAN transmitters, cell phones or cordless phones are interference-free because they are connected to the harmonic current field and therefore emit the same harmonic information.

Book tip: “Funkstille
In his
book “Funkstille”, Richard Neubersch from Swiss Harmony describes the context in which topics such as 5G, corona and the like can be seen. “The discussions about the connections between corona and 5G are increasing and it has never been more important to keep a cool head. You need to develop an inner attitude that allows you to stay centered at heart despite the extreme situation,” says the author. “Funkstille” is more than just a book about Swiss Harmony and mobile telephony. It sees itself as a help to stay centered in the heart despite the extreme situation that is currently keeping the world on tenterhooks.

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