In harmony with nature

That’s not just talk, because we actually bring nature into the home. Or directly into the body. Every energy system, such as house, apartment, body, car, etc. can be changed with information so that it vibrates harmoniously, as in untouched nature. And that is exactly what Swiss Harmony does.

Trying instead of studying
We sell solutions, not products. Therefore, all money is returned if the solution does not materialize.


This is the percentage of customers for whom our products have provided a solution.

Our customers like that:

For a lifetime and longer
Our products do not have an expiry date, nor do they need to be refreshed or extended. There are no follow-up costs.
All Swiss Harmony products are designed to transmit the frequency band of the visible light spectrum to energy systems such as houses or apartments, cars, people or animals. This frequency band corresponds to the vibrations of untouched nature. This makes it impossible for other frequencies to take effect in the same energy system. Regardless of whether it is 4G, 5G or any future mobile radio frequencies, as they are outside the frequency band, they have no effect due to the resonance laws. This is the reason why our products do not require any extensions or reprogramming. As our products contain no moving parts or perishable materials, they can neither wear out nor have an expiry date. Consequently, there are also no maintenance costs. A house or apartment harmonization can be easily removed at any time and just as easily installed at a new address.
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We are all part of the whole
Our products do not shield and do not exclude healthy radiation. They work harmoniously due to the laws of resonance.
It is becoming increasingly clear at this time that our thought patterns can lead us to the wrong behaviors. Wanting to shield ourselves from external threats may be a justified desire, but it supports the belief that there is a danger out there that we need to protect ourselves from. Those who believe in it decide out of fear. When we create a protective shield around ourselves, we isolate ourselves from life itself. It also causes another phenomenon: any form of shielding increases the incidence of influences at its outer edge and potentially burdens our immediate neighbors. It is the equivalent of a homeowner throwing his garden waste onto his neighbor's property. Harmonization, on the other hand, does not shield, but allows everything. In this way, all influences can flow through freely, but leave no effect because they cannot create resonances in the harmonized field. This is particularly important for all positive influences, such as the Schumann resonance frequency, which clocks our organism.
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Free will remains unaffected
Our products contain objective information. They are free from manipulation, however positive their intentions may be.
Our products do not contain information such as "I am healthy" or "I am getting better every day" or "All residents are happy" etc. These affirmations may be helpful in individual cases, but they are far too individual and, in our opinion, should not be used universally because everyone has different issues and life scripts. They would be tantamount to crossing the line, which we consider inadmissible. Imagine that she meets a person for whom a certain illness represents an important stage in their personal development. With children in particular, it is always apparent that they have experienced a significant developmental boost when living through an illness. Our information is mainly limited to the visible light spectrum, i.e. the vibration experienced in untouched nature. This means that Swiss Harmony customers live in an environment in which they can relax and strengthen their resilience.
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The name obliges
Having harmony in your name means living it. This includes the awareness that all people are equal and strive for harmony.
Having harmony in our name is more than just an obligation. We are harmony. That's why we don't see it as an obligation, but as a state of being for the company, its employees and its products. Harmony does not exclude conflict, because differences of opinion are part of the evolution of humanity. However, we humans have a choice as to how we deal with them. Every difference of opinion can be experienced harmoniously. For the best of the whole. Swiss Harmony contains the knowledge that everything is connected with everything else and carries within it the characteristic of the Creator, love. "I Am That."
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Swiss Harmony


The alternative to the BioRing is particularly popular with our customers.
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Car Tuner

Drive unencumbered and relaxed while saving fuel and producing fewer pollutants.
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Our all-rounder because it is versatile. Above all, it belongs on every cell phone because it neutralizes harmful radiation.
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Relaxation guaranteed

Relaxation is the natural consequence when the stress stops

All ratings
Incidentally, we are very satisfied with their products.
Both the home harmonization and the bioring have an excellent effect.
Her father’s book is some of the best spiritual literature we have read. We both read through it in one go within 3 days – which largely corresponds to our own experiences along the way.
Johannes A., Frankfurt

We are very satisfied with your products. I no longer feel comfortable without my ring and something is missing!

Eva S., Baar (CH)

Thank you so much for the price reduction before Christmas – we were the first to equip our daughter with the products and her health has improved significantly! Now it’s the adults’ turn to come home from work less exhausted. We wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best!

Beate G., St. Veit (A)34 Jahre

Sleep problems and chronic symptoms disappear as if by magic

In a harmonized home, unnatural influences have no effect. If our body’s intelligence had to balance them out again and again before, now the full energy is released to restore the natural balance.

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