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At Swiss Harmony, the focus is on customer service. His corporate philosophy is characterized by commitment and passion.

Founded in 2010 in Switzerland by Richard Neubersch and expanded with the support of his son Neel two years later, we have made it our mission to build a company whose most valuable asset is the satisfaction and well-being of our customers.

The consultants are also committed to this company philosophy and should not be confused with salespeople, as they have committed themselves to being ambassadors for Swiss Harmony out of genuine conviction.

Richard Neubersch
Managing Director

I was born in Germany on July 30, 1951, the child of a construction worker and a mother who worked part-time as a domestic help. I started my career as.

Neel Neubersch
Managing Director

I was born and raised in Portugal, but my mother tongue is German. I also started learning Portuguese and English in kindergarten. I completed my GCSE (General Certificate of.

Phyllis Traver
Affiliated Consultants in USA

As a certified Building Biologist, Phyllis measures EMFs, chemical & biological pollutants, and other indoor climate factors in residential properties, and offers solutions to reduce them for the purpose of.


If you also feel exposed to radiation, then it's time for a

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Aufklärung und Rat für jedermann
von Richard Neubersch

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