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5 G – Technological blessing or threat to humanity?

5 G – Technological blessing or threat to humanity?

from Richard Neubersch

With this article, we not only want to sensitize you to the topic, but also ensure that you can get a comprehensive and objective picture of the 5th generation (5G) of mobile communications technology. We have omitted references and source references because anyone can easily form their own opinion by entering search terms such as “warning about 5G“, “5G apocalypse German” or similar on YouTube. Of course, the search results also show many posts by fanatical 5G opponents, but even there, recognized scientists have their say and independent studies are shown. At this point, the physicians Dr. Martin Pall, Prof. Lennart Hardell and Dr. George Carlo as well as the former British secret agent Barrie Trower should be mentioned. Filmmaker Klaus Scheidsteger has researched and reported in great detail in his new film “Faktenscheck“.

Whether it is the remote control of cars, airplanes and factories or the total control of humanity, one essential necessity has been lacking to date: The speed of data traffic. This is exactly what will change drastically in the coming years with the introduction of 5G.

Anyone who believes that the new generation of mobile communications is just another improvement on existing technology is very much mistaken. 5G is a revolution and will inevitably change our everyday lives and the way we live. Just as we look back today to a time when there was no Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp, in just a few years we will consciously distinguish between the time before 5G and the time after.

The question is whether we are all happy with the unimagined new possibilities or whether there will be something of a collective hangover because we have been “playing” with frequencies whose effects on our health were never studied before they were introduced.

Why 5G is inevitable

First of all, it is important to realize that 5G is not being introduced because we consumers want to be happy or because the operators will make a lot of money with it. If you think about it, you can easily imagine the financial outlay that mobile operators will have to make to introduce this innovation. This begins with the acquisition of the rights of use for the necessary new frequency bands, and here we are not talking about millions, but billions.

But the frequencies alone are not enough, because no 5G network can be created without transmitters and receivers. However, the new technology requires new antennas, at least 100 times more than the number of existing ones. Mobile operators make ridiculous profits compared to those of device manufacturers such as Apple or Samsung.

What does the military have to do with it?

The real reason behind the radical introduction of this new, game-changing technology is a military race for world power. Doesn’t it stand to reason that as soon as a country has automated real-time information, it can also react in real time and thus not only has a strategic advantage, but is also militarily invincible?
So everyone immediately understands why no less a personage than the American president has campaigned for the Chinese company Huawei, by far the most advanced and competent address in the field of mobile communications, to be banned from playing in the USA – because it is part of the enemy’s image from a military perspective.

Because the race for 5G is decisive for victory or defeat from a military point of view, it is to be expected that the wishes of the population will only appear to be taken seriously, for example through supposed expansion stops. In the final analysis, it is probably unrealistic to hope for a 5G-free world. Did you know that there are plans to install around 20,000 (twenty thousand) satellites around the world to ensure 5G coverage?


It is said that military research has now developed genetically modified and completely artificial insects that can be remotely controlled during espionage and combat missions using cameras and other sensors to collect crucial information and transmit it to their client.

With 5G, their control would be safer and more effective, it is claimed, because they react in real time and their ranges can never fall outside the field of action of the omnipresent mobile network.

Surely such “little animals” will not appear in your living room or bedroom!

Or perhaps at some point in the future

Do you know Smart Dust?

But vigilant people suspect much more: Can you think of anything related to the keyword “smart dust”? Then you should google it (“smart dust”), because smart dust is a nanotechnology term. German websites describe it as a vision of the future, but the English explanation on Wikipedia leaves no room for doubt. Smart Dust is a reality.

Tiny computers, barely perceptible to the eye and yet equipped with all the important components such as cameras, temperature sensors and more, are distributed inconspicuously – some claim via chemtrails – and can perform certain tasks via digital impulses. It is conceivable, for example, that they trigger chemical reactions in a person’s brain. Many are certain that the military urgently needs the new 5G technology to perfect its capabilities here too.

Perhaps you can’t imagine that you can influence our behavior with targeted frequencies. We felt the same way until we saw a video of a bullfight that wasn’t a bullfight. Rather, it was a CNN report on an experiment in which a bull was slowed down in the middle of an attack by a frequency pulse. And now you’ll be amazed, because we were amazed too. This already happened in 1965! Don’t think that research hasn’t progressed since then.
You can find the 1-minute English clip on YouTube.

Gloomy prospects? Maybe. But maybe not. Maybe it’s just the fantasies of some conspiracy theorists. It is best to do your own research and form your own opinion.


Conspiracy theorists are certain that the Smartdust has long since been distributed.

You know the white stripes in the sky as seen in the picture above, don’t you?

In their opinion, it is chemtrails that ensure that microscopic metals and chemicals are distributed on our planet.

With the help of these chemtrails, nanocomputers could actually “rain down” on us as smart dust. Whether they are right will probably never be known.

The convenience of 5G

But let’s stick to the advantages that we consumers like to emphasize. In fact, they are very tempting:

The advantages of 5G make technology freaks beam:
With 5G, entire movies can be downloaded in 3 seconds.

Who can’t remember the days when downloading short video clips still took hours? If you wanted to download entire movies, you had to keep your computer working overnight. Today, things are much faster and sometimes it takes less than an hour for a movie to take its place on our hard drive.
With 5G, you can only laugh about it. Download times are then only given in seconds. And the tiresome software updates happen so quickly that we no longer even notice them.

Ever heard of latency?

Latency refers to the time it takes for a system to react to a pulse. Latency periods are also used in medicine. We will come back to this in a later section.
The latency time for data transmission will fall from approx. 50 milliseconds to just 1 millisecond. That doesn’t sound like much progress, but let’s not be fooled: With such low latency, computers can respond to events faster than any human on the ground, even if the computers are thousands of kilometers away. Thanks to 5G, lightning-fast reactions from self-driving cars will make traffic safer and put an end to the annoying traffic jams in cities and on highways. This could potentially make our lives much more pleasant in many areas.

Short latency times make traffic jams a thing of the past.

Artificial intelligence (AI) = Big Brother?

The service of your cell phone is also becoming more and more accurate and helpful. The magic word is artificial intelligence (AI). So in just a few years, your phone will know exactly what you need at every moment and in every place in your life and will make the right suggestions.
And this is exactly when many people start to think, because AI can only support us effectively if it has the necessary and specific information. So the more she knows, the more she can contribute. Today, Alexa & Co could already know every single detail of my life, analyze it and pass it on to who knows where. “Big Brother is watching you.” Is that what we want?
If you don’t want it, you can only avoid it by staying away from everything digital. No smartphone, no email address and at most anonymous web browsing. He can also tape the camera to his laptop. He still has that much freedom, even if it means he is socially ostracized and becomes a “weird bird with eccentric views”.

One thing is certain: no one can escape the 5G network

You are captured by mobile phone antennas and filmed by cameras wherever you go. Facial recognition programs have long been taken for granted in many areas. With a functioning 5G system, it is possible to locate exactly where you are, record every second of your life and evaluate it if necessary. So you are no longer even safe at home.
Speaking of home. Your cell phone always knows where you are and automatically reports it to Google. At least that’s how it works in most cases. You can deactivate this function to protect your privacy. But then neither Alexa nor similar devices belong in your home and we recommend making sure that they are not 5G-capable when buying new electrical appliances. Do you remember the advertising slogan: “Bauknecht knows what women want”?
But we don’t want to let these dark sides of the new standard dampen our joyful attitude to life too much. We can still feel free, especially in the 5G future – provided that we are neither terrorists nor system critics or criminals.

How unhealthy is 5G?

But a far more worrying issue is health. While countless people are already “unknowingly” suffering from the effects of mobile radio, it is to be expected that the health burden will increase considerably in the coming years. This is due to the characteristics and the associated extended requirements of 5G. While the mobile communications industry has used frequencies from 0.8 to 5 GHz to date, a much broader frequency band of 23 to 54 GHz will initially be used for 5G. And at a later date, this will be extended to up to 100 GHz. The consequences for our health are unknown because they have not been researched for this frequency range.
These frequencies are smaller waves, so-called millimeter waves, which can process and transport much more data much faster, but do not have a long range. The signal also disappears very quickly in parks. The leaves of the trees block the road. Rain also hinders the new radiation. This means that the antennas have to be closer to the consumer and therefore installed at intervals of around 200 meters. And here, among other things, street lamps and manhole covers are being considered as locations. In the case of street lamps, antennas must not be installed below 2.30 meters in order to prevent the radiation from having a negative effect on the brains of passers-by. The question here is whether we are really concerned about our health or rather want to avoid claims for damages!

Insight into 5G technology


This is what it looks like behind the cover of the new 5G antennas, which are installed every 200 meters. In reality, there are 256 antennas.

But there are certainly other models that may not be quite so obvious. Customers told us that they had questioned workers who were tampering with streetlights in the middle of the night. They explained that they would have to install 5G antennas.

Quite credible, considering that the new 5G antennas must be installed every 300 meters to achieve a comprehensive effect.

Long-known facts

The fact that radio frequencies are harmful to human health was known long before the advent of mobile communications. It is a little known fact that as early as 1971, the US Navy Medical Research Institute published a collection of over 2,000 scientific papers pointing out the various consequences of radio and microwave radiation, i.e. radio frequencies. You can read and download this collection here.

The following effects were identified as recurring:

– Reduced fertility, including reduced sperm quality and mobility
– Reduced female fertility
– Increased incidence of sudden miscarriages
– Oxidative stress
– Cellular DNA damage, including single-strand and double-strand breaks
– Cancer
– Widespread neuropsychiatric effects including depression
– Cataract formation
– Breaches of the blood-brain barrier
– Reduced melatonin synthesis and sleep disorders

What is striking here is that all these symptoms occur as a mass phenomenon nowadays and are sometimes accepted as a matter of course.
Some readers may now be paying attention. Sleep disorders? Depression? Cancer? These are very common diseases or symptoms that are increasingly proving to be persistent and chronic, despite all therapies.

Today, the list of symptoms and illnesses that are triggered or at least promoted by electrosmog is much longer. There are thousands of studies and research results that prove the harmfulness of radio frequencies. A good compilation of all these studies can be found on one of the informative websites of Diagnose:Funk.

This is not a matter of opinion, but of clear facts. And you decide for yourself what effect they have on you. We just want to enlighten, make connections clear and invite the reader to think and act responsibly for themselves and their loved ones, because there is no one out there who can make decisions for our own good for us.

Now, with the introduction of new frequencies that are penetrating our homes and living spaces in even greater concentrations, we have to ask ourselves: “Do we want to rely on the fact that we will somehow remain healthy? Shouldn’t we be worried that the industry can’t produce any research results that prove the new frequencies are harmless? Are there possibly no such studies because there is “no time” for them?”

The fact is that there are no scientific studies on 5G. That is why it is vital to act independently.

Latency periods are also known in the healthcare sector

Do you remember the asbestos discussions? There was a time when asbestos was considered the ideal material for residential construction because it was non-combustible and counteracted the risk of fire. It was later discovered that the fine dust particles of asbestos can become lodged in our lungs and lead to cancer. Today, the use of this building material is banned in Western countries and wherever possible, it is disposed of by people wearing protective suits and breathing masks.
What hardly anyone knows, however, is the fact that the latency period, i.e. the time it takes for asbestos exposure to develop into cancer, is 50 years. For example, cases of lung cancer are currently being diagnosed that are attributable to it.

In connection with the late effects of radiofrequency exposure, the latency period is still largely unknown. However, it is thought to span several generations. Here is an example:

A woman finds out she is pregnant after missing her period. If she is enlightened enough, she will no longer use her cell phone because she knows that the growing life in her womb can suffer considerable damage as a result. It has been discovered that the ovaries, whose formation in female fetuses begins in the first few weeks, are considerably damaged by the high frequencies. However, this damage may only become apparent when the newborn baby is old enough to bear children of its own. As a result, medical research is expecting a drastic increase in malformations in third-generation newborns.

This assumption is based, among other things, on the statements of Dr. Barrie Trower, physicist and former British secret agent. Klaus Scheidsteger recorded this conversation with Dr. Barrie Trower in his film “Faktencheck”.

It should also be mentioned at this point that the number and quality of sperm in young men has fallen drastically. According to Professor Dr. Martin Pall, the extinction of humanity has become a realistic possibility and he warns emphatically against it.

What can we do to stay healthy?

First of all, it is important to obtain comprehensive information about the possible effects of electrosmog.
We also recommend remaining fearless. Any form of fear weakens our system and potentially makes us even more vulnerable. It is advisable to inform yourself and take action while remaining objective and without developing feelings of panic, anger or rejection.
The next step would be to explore possibilities and options that escape the omnipresent influences of mobile communications.
Keep reminding yourself that this influence is omnipresent and affects us without interruption. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And unfortunately we cannot determine the dose ourselves or, as Paracelsus says, decide whether something is a remedy or a poison.
Of course we can do without cordless phones, smartphones, wifi routers, etc., but unfortunately this is inadequate if the neighbors continue to use them and there is a cell phone mast nearby.
At this point we would also like to mention that there are many more sources of electrosmog, such as high-voltage power lines, railroad lines, radar systems, CB radio, police radio, etc. The low-frequency electromagnetic fields from power lines, especially in sleeping areas, should also be measured carefully. In my practice, the values at the head end of the beds in particular exceed the recommended limits many times over.

The holistic solution: harmonizing living spaces

Various providers “harmonize” apartments and offices. This places the affected rooms in a healthy, harmonious oscillation field in which artificial frequencies cannot form resonances and therefore remain harmless to the organism. This applies to all self-induced influences as well as external sources. The technologies used here are very different and often insufficiently explained, if at all.

Anyone opting for such harmonization should confirm beforehand that they can cancel their purchase if they do not feel any effect, i.e. if their symptoms do not improve. We at Swiss Harmony offer the BioHome and give a 4-month money-back guarantee.

Example of the Swiss Harmony BioPendant

The technology of harmonization can also be applied to the body. For example, special rings, bracelets, cards or pendants can set the body’s energy field to a harmonious basic vibration and thus exclude any electrosmog.

Here, too, it is important to make sure that you have the right to return the product if it is not effective.

A lack of effect is sometimes the case if, for example, there are psychological blockages that prevent an improved state of health.

The less holistic solutions are shielding, whether energetic or building biology, because they promote the mindset of protecting oneself from the dangers out there and withdrawing, which is tantamount to social isolation. Harmonization, on the other hand, says: “I am open to everything that promotes life. Nothing else can unfold here.”


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