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Drive unencumbered and relaxed while saving fuel and producing fewer pollutants.

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In a modern car the amount of wiring in it can add up to numerous miles. In a high end model the amount of electric motors could be as high as 30. Electrosmog in the car is a growing reality that gets ignored all to often. Drivers and passengers complain more often about headaches, sickness, and the feeling of being beat and exhausted after a long trip.

The CarTuner provides a safe environment in the car by adding electromagnetic radiation protection to any vehicle. An environment that allows driving free from electrosmog.

Swiss Harmony CarTuner neutralizes any possible harmful effects, caused by electromog, when driving. In a harmonized car the driver and all passengers can truly relax. Even after long travel times all passengers and especially the driver remain in the best condition.

In a harmonized car, you can drive for hours without worrying about the negative effects of electrosmog.

Reducing fuel consumption

Most of our clients additionally report a reduction in fuel consumption since having installed the CarTuner. We wanted to know if that was true so we conducted a challenge in the United Kingdom. We drove twice from London to Edinburg and back. Once with out the CarTuner and once with it installed. On this challenge we were accompanied by a professional video production company, J Motion. The result of the test were astounding. On the first harmonized trip we saved 22% and on the second harmonized trip we saved 15%. The video can be seen at the top if this page or here on YouTube.

It is available in three sizes for passenger cars (S), minibuses and vans (M) and for trucks and buses (L).

Dimensions: 60 x 10 x 40 mm (size s)

Weight: approx 75 g

Shell material: Stainless steel with plastic caps

Inside material: Quartz sand with magnetic stripe

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Is Swiss Harmony also effective against 5G?

All our products generate a harmonious vibration spectrum at the information level of the respective energy system (house, apartment, car, human being, animal), just as you would find it in untouched nature.

In such a vibration spectrum (approx. 390 to 780 Nm = light spectrum), artificial frequencies cannot generate resonances and therefore cannot influence our cells.

Regardless of whether these frequencies are between 700 Mhz and 5 Ghz (the frequencies currently used for mobile communications) or between 20 Ghz and 100 Ghz (the frequencies planned for 5G at a later date): In any case, they are far outside the visible light spectrum.

Can I test Swiss Harmony before I buy?

Even though other companies offer non-binding trials for many products, we decided against it.

Instead, we give our customers the opportunity to return all goods purchased in the store without giving reasons within 30 days with a full refund of the purchase price.
For house and apartment harmonizations, we extend this money-back guarantee by a further 3 months to a total of four months. However, this right can be exercised at the earliest two months after installation.

How long do the devices last?

Swiss Harmony’s biotuners are designed to last and remain effective indefinitely, and the oldest devices of this type have been in use for 25 years and are still working perfectly.

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