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Swiss Harmony Scientifically Explained

2020-01-02T22:38:39+02:005. May 2016|

We have been asked many times if there was any scientific explanation that our technology and products work. Alongside years of happy clients and a satisfaction rate of over 95% we have now had the privilege of being scientifically explained by the German Research Institute for Resonance Phenomena.

Scientists uncover “Electric senses”

2016-11-03T09:38:35+02:0010. November 2015|

There has been much debate about why some people can feel Electrosmog/EMFs/HF etc. and why some others cannot. It has led to many people being ridiculed and belittled because their ability to feel the influences has not been reciprocated. Here is some exciting new research that shows that everyone who can feel the electric fields are truthfully sensing them:

uBeam transmits electricity wirelessly

2016-11-03T09:38:35+02:0027. October 2015|

There is a new technology that is about to hit our shelves. uBeam claims that it has found a way to wirelessly charge devices. It is regarded as being the holy grail of consumer electronics since Nikola Tesla discovered wireless power transfer.

RF EMFs produce clear co-carcinogenic effects

2016-11-03T09:38:35+02:0020. April 2015|

On the same day that the EC's SCENIHR released their long-awaited report [1] that concluded that we should not worry about any adverse health effects of EMF/RF fields, a new well conducted replication study [2] shows that long-term 3G/UMTS microwave exposure can act as a co-carcinogen and statistically significantly increase cancer growth at very low [...]

New England’s Peace Pagoda

2016-11-03T09:38:35+02:0030. March 2015|

This is the New England Pagoda. The supporting buildings of the Pagoda are harmonized by Swiss Harmony. On February 1st we got a request to harmonize the Peace Pagoda near Leverett, MA. It is the New England's Buddhist monastery & active peace movement center that has many visitors a year. The Buddhist monks of the Nipponzan [...]

Swiss Harmony CarTuner Challenge

2016-11-03T09:38:36+02:0028. October 2014|

The CarTuner was initially developed to neutralise electro-smog in the car and to counteract symptoms like drowsiness, road rage, micro-sleep and irritability. After getting reports that the fuel consumption is also reduced, we decided to undertake a challenge to get some answers. We planned a trip from London to Edinburgh and back to test how [...]

Experts: Cellphone Users Are ‘Guinea Pigs’ In Worldwide Test

2016-11-03T09:38:37+02:002. November 2013|

Original Post on: Natural Society by Anthony Gucciardi on October 27th, 2013 The average phone per person ratio inside of the United States is around 1.57, meaning that there are more cellphones in the nation than there are people — and the numbers are climbing. In the past, we have seen a number of alarming studies regarding the [...]


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