Dozens of calves have fallen ill with cataracts in recent years. Many lived near cell phone antennas. This is confirmed by studies conducted by the University of Zurich. Some animals went blind, could no longer find their mother’s udder and died.

Electrosmog from cell phone radiation can cause discomfort in humans. Those affected suffer from headaches, muscle cramps or nerve inflammation. Electrosmog expert Peter Schlegel says: “Every year I get in touch with around a hundred people who are affected.”

Animals can also suffer from constant exposure to radiation. The first scientifically documented case in Switzerland was made public 15 years ago: 50 calves went blind over several years in the barn of farmer Hans Sturzenegger from Reutlingen ZH. The reason for his blindness: severe cataracts.

Professor Michael Hässig from the Department of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Zurich knows the consequences: “Blind calves can’t find their mother’s udder and die.”

It was proven that the illnesses only occurred after a cell phone antenna had been set up just 20 meters away from the barn. When the telecommunications company removed the mast after years of tug-of-war, there were no more illnesses. This is confirmed by studies by Hässig, who has been following the case for several years.