Digital dementia due to mobile phone radiation

A few years ago, doctors in South Korea noticed memory, attention and concentration disorders as well as emotional flattening and general dullness in young men who used computers and the internet intensively. They called the clinical picture “digital dementia”. Digital assistants take over our mental work, similar to escalators, elevators, cars, etc., which make our physical work easier. The consequences of a lack of physical activity for muscles, heart and circulation have long been known. It is probably similar with our minds, which are no longer needed due to digitalization … (Source).

Danger already in the womb
The connection between microwave exposure and the blockage of neurons in the brain has long been scientifically proven. If their electrical flow is interrupted, permanent changes to the brain structure can occur. The development of the brain is heavily dependent on electrical brain waves, which also shape how adults think and behave. Even before birth, babies in the womb receive microwave radiation in not exactly weak doses – and further than newborns and toddlers if their mothers are constantly using their smartphones. Allegedly, this results in fewer cells forming in the hippocampus, the area of the brain responsible for logical thinking and judgment. So it’s high time that parents, doctors and politicians confronted the fact that non-stop surfing, chatting and texting are turning our young people into behaviorally disturbed and emotionally underdeveloped beings!

Scientists uncovered fraud
The fact that limit values for mobile phone radiation do not protect people, but only the mobile phone industry and politicians, is nothing new – but nevertheless a scandal. Finally, eight renowned scientists from the Kompetenzinitiative e.V. have uncovered the fraud with the limit values and thermal radiation. They come to the conclusion that the existing limit values have nothing whatsoever to do with human biological systems. This is because the limit values deny that the greatest danger to humans, animals and plants comes not from thermal but from athermal effects. The athermal fields intervene directly in the information-processing processes of the brain and the cell. Many people suffer from sleep disorders, are mentally ill, suffer from burnout and have dementia – and the trend is rising everywhere. Why don’t governments recognize these connections?

Cell phone-free zones
While mobile communications policy in many places is driving forward the widespread distribution and implementation of current wireless technologies, they have long been the subject of social debate internationally, for example in France. In the current issue of the Neue Zeitschrift für Verwaltungsrecht 20/2015, Bernd Irmfrid Budzinski and Wilfried Kühling shed light on the deficient situation from a scientific, technical and legal perspective. See also under ... Fortunately, they still exist, the radiation-free, “white zones” without cell phone reception: As K-Tipp reported, in Switzerland these include the old Walser settlement of Sankt Martin in the Calfeisental GR or various SAC huts such as the SAC Doldenhorn hut in Kandersteg at 1,905 meters above sea level. Incidentally, the SAC hut guide shows how good cell phone reception is in the huts:

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If you also feel stressed by the radiation, then it is time for

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