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People dealing with a healthy lifestyle, mostly also try to minimize the numerous occurring toxins in their environment. This relates to food, textiles and home furnishings. Be it for one’s own health’s sake, or for environmental reasons.
It has long been shown that certain chemicals can interfere with our hormonal system and important control circuits in the body. We call these substances “Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals” (EDC). To understand how the EDCs cause such faults, we will look at how our body cells communicate:

Our body uses electric impulses to communicate between its cells. These signals allow us to lift our leg or if we scrape our arm. The heart rhythm and other organ functions are dependent of these impulses. As so many things depend on them, you can imagine the serious consequences when they get interfered with.

The EDCs change the the hormonal (electrical) communications system in our body. So when we are exposed to, even just a little bit, these chemicals then a wide range of health problems could arise.

So what do Electromagnetic Fields and Chemicals have in common?

Henry C. Lai, professor of biotechnology at the University of Washington in Seattle explains:

“Electromagnetic fields behave similarly to other harmful substances (such as drugs, tobacco, alcohol, asbestos, psychological stress, etc). The toxicity of substances is based on their effects on certain organs, such as tobacco smoke on the lungs, psychological stress on the endocrine system. Even small doses can also cause non-linear reactions, sometimes they even have different effects than higher doses.”

Another commonality is found when we consider that the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic, three years ago. EMF’s of cell phones, cell towers, etc. are thus in the same category as DDTs, lead and other environmental toxins.

In our modern world, we are all more or less exposed to these harmful influences. We can avoid some toxic substances in personal use, but in the air we breath and the water we drink there are always residual traces of them, as the chemicals mostly take decades to degrade just a little bit.

Fortunately, our body recognizes toxins and normally tries to excrete them as long as we have enough resources to do so. This excretion occurs mainly via the kidneys and liver. In case of an overload of the organism, poisons are “stored” in the connective tissue and organs and eventually lead to complications because it disturbs the control circuits described above.

From this perspective, it is certainly very useful to help our bodies to prevent pathogenic accumulation in the body as much as possible. For example, there are numerous opportunities in the form of herbal tinctures or dietary supplements. Check with your naturopath or in the drug store of your choice.

Additional relief brings a home harmonization, for details, see the Info Centre.

If you already suffer from symptoms possibly related to environmental impacts, we recommend an additional medical investigation. Preferably a physician who has trained in complementary therapies, or a biologically-integrative clinic.

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