Anyone who attends health fairs knows about the wide range of different manufacturers and systems that can be used to de-clutter your bedroom. There are pretty suns or waves, beautiful gemstones, interesting technical products, stickers with angel symbols and much, much more. But which one is suitable and, above all, which of these offers can really effectively de-clutter a bedroom?

Can gemstones, symbols or platonic bodies de-clutter a bedroom?

Gemstones need to be cleaned regularly, just as a bucket needs to be emptied to fulfill its function as a drip catcher. Gemstones, symbols and platonic bodiesthat you could place in your bedroom, which are known to have a harmonizing effect under certain conditions, but how strong and reliable this is and how wide the space is for which this applies is not clearly recognizable and nowhere reliably defined.

For example, we know that rose quartz and other stones can only absorb frequencies if they are regularly cleaned, i.e. discharged.
Just as a cleaning bucket that stands under a leaky roof and collects dripping water eventually fills up and has to be emptied by hand to maintain its function and effect, every gemstone must also be cleaned regularly and carefully according to certain rules.

Can shielding de-clutter a bedroom?

Then there are products offered by various manufacturers that form a screen around themselves that can have a radius of 5 to 15 meters and more, depending on the product. However, such an umbrella supports humanity’s mistaken belief that we are all separate from one another and that evil is waiting “out there” from which we must protect ourselves. In doing so, we support the mental and emotional vicious circle of enemy images rather than releasing it from our world view.

Two further aspects of the protective shield are:

  1. What happens at the edge of the screen? Woe betide anyone who spends time there and catches all of the derived rays!
  2. If a screen shields all external rays, then surely the Schumann frequency does too. Astronauts fell ill in space at the beginning of the space program without the causes being obvious. Only when they were artificially supplied with the Schumann frequency did they recover (the Schumann frequency is something like the frequency signature of the earth. It does not exist in space).

What is harmonization?

Another and certainly more sensible measure is harmonization. This does not create a screen, but a harmonic field in which frequencies that are outside the visible light spectrum cannot generate resonances and therefore have no effect in terms of the subtle effects on living organisms.

As a rule, harmonization is always dependent on the energy system that propagates the harmonic carrier wave. In every house and every apartment, your own power grid is suitable for this purpose, as it creates a relatively room-filling electromagnetic field of varying intensity due to the various connected devices and the cables that run through ceilings and walls.

Swiss Harmony is such a harmonization process that ensures that electrical energy systems spread the harmony that takes the sting out of any form of electrosmog or geopathic influences. How much is Swiss Harmony expanding? Of course, Swiss Harmony can only work where the informed current can still be measured as an electromagnetic field.

Mini climate tuner

The Mini-ClimateTuner is particularly suitable for local harmonization, for example, if you want to eliminate interference in the workplace or bedroom.

So if you want to de-clutter your bedroom, you could place a floor lamp at the foot of your bed and harmonize it with a mini climate tuner, but then there would be no guarantee that the person in bed could sleep unencumbered because the electromagnetic field from the floor lamp might not reach the headboard. You could of course harmonize the bedside lamps and this would certainly be the better alternative, but you have to assume that the lower part of the bed is not in the harmonic field because the electrical field of the bedside lamp does not include the entire bed.

Alternatively, you could fit an extension cord with the mini-tuner right at the beginning and lay it under the bed with a few turns from the foot end to the head end before connecting the bedside lamps. Only then would the sleeping area be sufficiently harmonized. It should of course be noted that any mains isolators must be switched off, as the following applies to Swiss Harmony: where no current is flowing (magnetic field) or available (electric field), there can be no harmonic field.

Only a house or apartment harmonization can reliably de-clutter a bedroom

The optimal and comprehensive solution is the complete harmonization of an apartment or a house, because then there are no uncovered areas, you also have the harmonious field in the refrigerator and thus in the food and of course also in the drinking water.