As a yoga teacher and energy therapist, I have been researching energy medicine and quantum healing for over 20 years as a result of chronic pain after an emergency operation and have worked successfully with the corresponding products and techniques, so it was a “must” to come across Swiss Harmony to give me and my customers even more well-being!

I was an advocate of harmonizing electrosmog with the right mental attitude and intentionally created beliefs. My encounter with a harmonized training room was to expand my wealth of experience:
As one of my main mediumistic channels of perception is feeling, I was able to perceive the harmonization of the room immediately. It felt like the comforting, warm feeling after a sporting performance, after the sauna or relaxing your muscles after a glass of red wine!

In the same week I had the system installed in my home and treatment room and to this day I feel very comfortable in the harmonized rooms.

I also enjoy the harmonized drinking water from the tap every day, which tastes like spring water to me and I am happy that I no longer have to carry bottles.

The inner restlessness that I sometimes felt after working at the computer for a long time due to the electrosmog has also largely disappeared.

These experiences and common roots with Richard Neubersch, the developer of the products, as well as the integrity of this company, have led me to support Swissharmony in the distribution of the products as an independent consultant.

Jacqueline M. Canonica, Basel
BODHA Life Empowerment