Mobile phone radiation makes you ill

Was there a smartphone under the Christmas tree? Perhaps even for your child? You may have meant well, but did you know that more and more people and animals are suffering from the effects of mobile phone radiation? And anyone who expresses criticism is ignored or even defamed.

Smartphones, tablets and games consoles are now among the most popular Christmas gifts for children and young people. The Medical Association recommends including the medical cell phone rules with these Christmas presents. For years, the “10 Medical Mobile Phone Rules” published by the Vienna Medical Association have been well received at national and international level, both by experts and by the general public. Children and young people are the first generation to be exposed to radiation from an early age and are at greater risk than adults. Scientists have been particularly concerned with the risk to children and have reviewed the current state of research. Her popular report has now been published by Kompetenzinitiative e.V.: Health risks from mobile communications: Why we must take action to protect children.

Electrohypersensitivity: Success in court

Even if so-called electrohypersensitivity is still ridiculed and not taken very seriously in this country, there are even legally valid court rulings abroad in favor of those affected. According to a report by Bürgerwelle Schweiz, the Madrid High Court, for example, recognizes the right to draw a pension that the state social security institution INSS had previously denied. A telecommunications engineer who works at Ericsson and suffers from electrohypersensitivity – a neurological syndrome caused by computers, WLAN, cell phones and places with high electrical and electromagnetic exposure in general – has obtained recognition from the Madrid High Court that he cannot continue to work without becoming ill and is therefore entitled to a disability pension.

When people and animals suffer

As reports, people and animals in Elgg are suffering from radiation from a Sunrise mobile phone antenna. After the transmission power was increased to the maximum from May 2013, the board of IG Mobilfunk Elgg heard about the first problems. A woman who lives and works just under a hundred meters away from the antenna has been suffering from headaches, lack of concentration and listlessness for a good three years. There is a farm 114 meters away from the antenna. According to diagnose-funk, animal damage first occurred on the farm in November 2013. Unexplained stillbirths followed. Three calves born in spring 2014 stood out due to orientation problems. They ran into pasture fences for inexplicable reasons, other animals had swollen legs and hocks as well as abscesses, and their claws were also affected. Emergency slaughtering followed and several animals had to be euthanized. There is obviously no shortage of alternative locations in the municipality. However, the legal situation does not appear to be easy for those affected or for the municipality.

Film “Radiation Cartel”

Recognized scientific studies from all over the world confirm what many people have long suspected: Mobile phone radiation makes you ill. According to the study, mobile phone and W-LAN transmitters can cause cancer, cardiovascular diseases, genetic damage, degenerative diseases, neurological and psychological changes. However, the mobile communications industry claims the complete opposite: the current “limit values” are safe enough. A new film called “Radiation Cartel” now reconstructs in detail how these “limit values” came about and in whose interest certain studies are still being deliberately attacked and concealed today. Numerous scientists have their say, as do insiders from the WHO, the EU and national governments. Their conclusion is unanimous: mobile phone radiation makes you ill. In an interview on the free press portal KenFM, doctor, university lecturer and mobile phone critic Franz Adlkofer talks about the topic and the film.

Unsparing treatment of critical scientists

Here are some of the researcher’s statements: “The actions of the radiation cartel, which is said to be too big to go under, are not based on wit and understanding, but on economic and political power on the one hand and on the weakness of character of all too many representatives from politics and science on the other, who willingly allow themselves to be abused in exchange for small coins.” Scientists whose research results displease the mobile communications industry are usually dealt with as follows: Their research results are ignored for as long as possible. If this no longer works, criticism sets in, which can be increased at will. The transition to defamation is then fluid. According to Franz Adlkofer, this is only marginally about the research results; the actual goal is the researchers themselves. Their professional, economic and human ruin is accepted, if necessary. “I experienced all this myself on the occasion of the REFLEX study, which I coordinated from 2000 to 2004 and which was financed by the EU Commission, in which massive genetic damage was found in isolated human cells after exposure to mobile phone radiation below the limit value.”

Generate a harmonic oscillation field
Do you want to protect yourself from high-frequency radiation and electrosmog? The law of resonance states that no resonances can occur in an oscillating field with oscillations whose frequencies lie outside those of the field. In other words: In a harmonic oscillation field, artificial radiation has no effect, regardless of who generates it, whether it comes from a neighbor or a nearby mobile phone mast. The mobile products from Swiss Harmony (BioRing, BodyCard, BioBracelet and the BioPatch) harmonize the human body by transmitting the harmonic vibration as information to the human energy system. This means that artificially created radiation fields can no longer resonate.

Swiss Harmony: Protection against harmful radiation
Swiss Harmony products for harmonizing houses and apartments ensure that the electricity that supplies a building with electricity receives a different message. They transmit the information of the visible light spectrum to the passing current via the resonance path, which in turn distributes it throughout the entire effective range of the circuit. The electromagnetic field of the apartment or house becomes a harmonious field. In-house WLAN transmitters, cell phones or cordless phones are interference-free because they are connected to the harmonic current field and therefore emit the same harmonic information.

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If you also feel stressed by the radiation, then it is time for

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