Oxidative stress due to cell phone radiation

Researchers have been arguing about the potential cancer risk of cell phones for years. Consumer advocates see us exposed to an uncontrolled field test with constantly increasing radiation exposure. Research is therefore mostly concerned with finding out whether electromagnetic radiation can cause cancer or not.

New studies now show that serious risks cannot be ruled out. In the last five years, researchers explain in the “BioInitiative Report 2012“, around 1,800 analyses have been published that show negative health effects even when radiation levels are well below the limits. Even the definition of these values is controversial. Cell phone radiation is in the frequency range of microwaves, which transfer their energy to water-containing structures and thus heat them. The limits for the maximum permissible radiation exposure are based on this thermal effect: they are intended to prevent body tissue – especially the brain – from being damaged by heating. However, critics point out that biological effects already occur far below the defined thresholds.

This is also the case in one of the new studies aimed at identifying links between cell phone radiation and the development of cancer. It was carried out by a group led by Israeli physician Yaniv Hamzany from Tel Aviv University. Because cell phones always irradiate the parotid gland during phone calls, corresponding changes could be seen in the saliva, Hamzany considered. When comparing the saliva of frequent phone users and deaf or cell phone refusers, there were indeed differences. In the case of the former, signs of oxidative stress were found: so-called peroxides or free radicals were present in large numbers in their cells. These aggressive chemical compounds can attack the genetic material DNA and are therefore among the risk factors for cancer!

Frequent callers particularly at risk

People who use their cell phone at least eight hours a month are considered frequent callers. However, Hamzany assures us that most of his test subjects from this group spent 30 to 40 hours a month on the phone. “The result suggests that considerable oxidative stress is generated in the glands and tissue that are close to the cell phone during phone use,” says the researcher. “This causes damage that can trigger genetic mutations, which in turn promotes the development of tumors.” While the study does not reveal a clear cause and effect relationship, it adds to the growing body of evidence that suggests cell phone use can be dangerous in the long term. It also gives research a new direction. It is now necessary to find out how quickly the cells in the salivary glands react to the radiation. We already wrote about the health risks of oxidative stress in our article from December 31, 2014.

If you consider that the use of apps, Facebook and other mobile Internet applications also causes the same radiation as mobile phone calls, a large proportion of the population today are probably frequent phone users, with more than 8 hours of cell phone use per month. We therefore recommend that you review your habits and decide for yourself where you can and want to limit your mobile phone use. With our PhoneCard, you also have the option of suppressing mobile phone radiation at the source.


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