Protection from 5G: Swiss Harmony

You ask yourself whether all the interference suppression products on the market also protect against 5G radiation exposure, and this is a legitimate question. Almost without exception, the products available from the many manufacturers use different technologies. Various use the destructive interference process, in which the products literally reflect the incoming rays and send them back out of phase, so that the waves ultimately overlap and cancel each other out. Other methods use an energetic shielding method that excludes radiation of any kind. Understandably, we are unable to assess the extent to which all these products offer effective protection and can still be used with 5G. We recommend that you contact the manufacturer directly. Swiss Harmony uses a different procedure:

Swiss Harmony’s products harmonize energy systems and provide protection against 5G

The human body is an energy system that enables the many internal cellular processes as well as the functioning of the body on the outside. Cells react to information that they receive through the finest electrical currents of approx. 4 picoamperes. Scientists assume that around 1 trillion of these barely measurable current impulses are triggered in the body every second. So that you can get an idea of 1 trillion: It would take 300 thousand people dropping one euro per second into an imaginary piggy bank without interruption for a hundred years to save 1 trillion euros.

These very fine processes in the body are influenced by currents that are 50,000 times stronger (cell phone: 0.2 amperes) and emit unnatural high frequencies. It is therefore logical for any layperson to understand that the body’s regulation must be upset and things must go wrong.

To protect against 5G and more, our mobile products transmit information from the visible light spectrum to the body’s energy system. This oscillation field corresponds to the frequencies that prevail in free, untouched nature. According to the law of resonance, frequencies whose values lie outside a prevailing frequency spectrum cannot generate resonances. They therefore remain ineffective and can no longer irritate the harmonized body. This was and is true for all artificial frequencies and therefore also for the new 5G generation of mobile communications.

We have developed various products for the human body, which basically only differ in their external appearance and application possibilities. The most important products for basic equipment are the BioPatch for suppressing interference in your cell phone and a BodyCard, which brings your body into the harmonic basic vibration. We have a special offer for this combination in our store, which you can find here.

The holistic solution for electrosmog and 5G protection is to harmonize your home. Please read more about our product “BioHome for self-installation” in our store.

We recommend that you also harmonize your car if you drive more than 15,000 kilometers a year. You can find our CarTuner here in the store. This will help protect you from 5G, as you and all passengers would be freed from electrosmog pollution, and you would also need less fuel and reduce emissions.

You can find an overview of all products here.

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