Relentless mobile phone radiation – an exciting documentary

Calling home shortly after work in the supermarket, on the train or in the car and exchanging the important things of the day – happens to all of us, is quick and seems harmless. However, the uncomplicated exchange of information leaves detectable traces in our bodies, even if it lasts just 2 minutes.

The research team from , under the direction of radiation biologist Klaus Weber, has devoted itself in detail to the topic of the significantly increasing radiation exposure of the mobile phone network in the documentary film “Mobilfunk – Die verschwiegene Gefahr” (Mobile radio – The concealed danger) and compiled a wide variety of scientific studies that uncover and prove this fact and other interesting facts. After the one-hour electrosmog information session, it becomes clear that we find ourselves in a radiation-polluted, harmful and opaque network of the mobile phone industry.

Mobile phone radiation: The new technology requires the utmost attention

Idyllic landscape shots at the beginning of the film are downright disturbed by pulsating radio waves and reception interference. Klaus Weber thus illustrates the theme of our society in the very first minutes of the film: nature is suffering from the considerable radiation that our modern technology brings with it. In figures: for every 80 million inhabitants in Germany, there are 260,000 mobile phone antennas, 100 million cell phones and an estimated 50 million cordless phones – twice as many cell phones as there are cars* on the roads in Germany. Exhaust gases and CO2 exchange have only become key parameters in politics and business in recent years. So what is considered progress in the automotive industry should be no exception in the mobile communications sector. The scientific community agrees on this, but research results have so far revealed many gaps. The economy is resting on its laurels. Weber’s documentary highlights these weaknesses and gets to the heart of the matter.

Criticism of radiation research: science only referred to physical laws when measuring radiation

The documentary “Mobilfunk – Die verschwiegene Gefahr” raises five questions about the lack of information on the effects of the radiation network. The answers are based on statements and studies by specialist radiation experts. The first question that the team is looking into in more detail is the limit values of the Federal Immission Control Act, which were defined on the basis of the 26th Ordinance on Protection against Electromagnetic Radiation. While natural radiation has a value of 0.000 001 microwatts, the specified limit value is 1 000 000 000 000 000, which is a trillion times higher. The criticism here is based on wrongly applied basic laws. Only the effect of heat was assumed and non-thermal radiation, which is responsible for the effects on the biological organism, was disregarded. The procedure is comparable to measuring radioactivity with a thermometer.

Does mobile phone radiation affect our biological organism?

The second question of the documentary starts where the Federal Immission Control Act is deficient. While the legal measurement only took physical indicators into account, Weber and his team focus on the biological perspective. After the Radiation Protection Commission had already proven the existence of membrane effects (cell damage) in 1992, the Salford study from Sweden confirmed this thesis again in 2003. In one experiment, three groups of eight rats each were exposed to different cell phone models for two hours. The result: irreversible brain damage. Alternative practitioner Herbert Jung confirms this result using the money roll effect. The name of this experiment results from the blood picture that appears after a three-minute cell phone call. The blood cells are “rolled up” like individual small coins and prevent a healthy blood flow. As already reported, the consequences of living close to mobile phone masts are also far more dramatic. Cancer as a fatal disease is just one of the many harmful consequences of pulsed high-frequency radiation.

Mobile phone radiation as a dangerous disturbance in child development

In addition to impaired blood flow and various types of tumors, other health problems such as allergies, headaches, dizziness and anxiety can occur with continuous exposure to radiation. However, the most significant long-term symptoms are seen in children. High-frequency electrosmog is particularly disruptive to the development of a growing child. Statistics from ROSSTAT and Unicef (2009/2010) show a significant increase in childhood illnesses in the period from 2000 to 2010. In adolescents between the ages of 15 and 19, the alarming disorders mainly affect the central nervous system. This revealed an 85 percent increase in impairments. Followed by an 82% increase in blood disorders and disorders of the immune system as well as neurological diseases. Uli Weiner, a trained radio electronics technician and radiation expert, has been observing a strong increase in memory and attention disorders in children and young people for some time. Using a radiation measuring device, he can make electromagnetic fields acoustically visible and often uses this technology in schools. In most classes, restlessness and lack of concentration can be traced back to a WLAN router or a nearby cell phone mast. “With the latter, unfortunately, there is not just a button to switch it off. In this case, the school authorities have to turn to the mobile phone companies or special organizations,” says Weiner. In this context, Spiegel Online already quoted the Bavarian state parliament in 2007, which recommended that all schools in Bavaria should do without Wi-Fi networks. Just how dangerous the daily influence of wireless technology is for schoolchildren is demonstrated by a clause in certain school admission applications in which parents must explicitly agree to the use of W-LAN in everyday school life.

The question of all questions: What is being done to help against the harmful radiation network?

The last part of Klaus Weber’s documentary is devoted to the most important question that arises after all the previous findings: what is being actively done to suppress electrosmog? The film article admits that mobile phone providers such as Swisscom are aware of the problems in their field of business and state that the damage to human blood cells when exposed to electromagnetic fields has been clearly proven. Furthermore, some mobile phone providers themselves confirm the high cancer risk. Motorola insider Robert C. Kane, who worked in the mobile phone industry for over 30 years, took an important step towards open-minded enlightenment with his book “Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette”, which prompted the industry to follow suit. Nevertheless, decisive medical examination results from the research field did not come to light. The brochure “The Counterfeiters” calls it “not a scientific dispute, but a conflict between the economic interests of an industrial sector and the state on the one hand and the health interests of the population on the other”.

Klaus Weber’s documentary “Mobilfunk – Die verschwiegene Gefahr” (Mobile radio – the concealed danger ) courageously confronts an entire branch of industry and an influential lobby, once again calling for transparent information and necessary action. Rather, he sees it as his responsibility to inform consumers and make the invisible risk visible to everyone. It surrounds us every day, omnipresent – even when we make a quick phone call on the way home.

Click here to go directly to the documentary film by Klaus Weber: “Mobilfunk – Die verschwiegene Gefahr”

*At the beginning of 2013, there were exactly 52,391,012 registered motor vehicles in Germany.



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