Swiss Armed Forces must recognize electrosensitivity

It is well known that every young Swiss person aged 20 has to be recruited into the army.
Now, for the first time, the Swiss Armed Forces must recognize electrosensitivity as a reason for unfitness for service.

Here is the anonymized report of one of those affected,
Student at a Swiss university.
Published by Gigaherz on 19.9.2016
All personal data and place names are anonymized,
known to the editors of this website.

I have
personally noticed that the number of WLAN routers has increased significantly again. Recently, I was able to receive over 100 routers from private homes in the immediate vicinity in a school building. The iPhone 7 no longer has a plug for headphones, everything runs via WiFi. School XY in Z has six wings for “only” 400 children. There are at least six WLAN routers per wing. This means that there are over 40 routers in the entire school building – one router for 10 children or two routers per class. Every computer in the school building would have an (additional) LAN cable!!!

WLAN routerPicture left: High-performance WLAN router

During my training, I was “forced” to do an internship at a school, so I came to Z at school XY. When I told them about my problems (tinnitus, vision problems, aggression, depression, nervousness, etc.), I was met with angry looks and the comment that I would just have to get used to it. At least the router in the practical classroom (a high-performance router) was switched off, the IT manager found it very difficult.

This made it a little more bearable, but I have now had persistent tinnitus since early summer. Just today I went to two banks for an interview, every time I go out in public it’s tedious and causes complaints. And I’m only 20 years old!

The first thing I did was go to the family doctor. He was not at all open to these complaints, didn’t believe me, interrupted me and thought my explanations were humbug. These complaints have nothing to do with electromagnetic radiation. However, he then referred me to the neurologist at the cantonal hospital, where I was sure I could be examined. They would already know what to make of such stories. Then it took a long while before an appointment was made for this afternoon.

I was called up for recruitment just days before. I was called up for military service in W. As I had not yet had a check-up with the neurologist at the cantonal hospital and my family doctor did not believe my story was true, I was afraid of it. But I quickly realized that there is usually no WLAN in the military – it could be hacked, the doctor there explained to me. When I told him about my complaints, which I put down to WLAN, he also thought I was a malingerer who didn’t want to do military service. He interrupted my comments and made them out to be ridiculous. “Believe me, Mr. A, this is just a religious war. Don’t give me bogus reasons for unexplained symptoms!” That’s roughly how it sounded.

After the sports test, which I completed with an outstanding performance, i.e. with distinction and a badge – as there was no WLAN on the sports field – we had to answer over 1000 questions. In the middle of filling out the questionnaire, but here again under WLAN radiation, a colonel took me out of the room and led me to a psychologist because the evaluation of my answers was supposedly very poor.
I was finally taken seriously. I was allowed to report on all the complaints that I experience after a certain time in the WLAN. I talked about the violent images that strong Wi-Fi routers in my environment trigger in me, about my vision problems, depression and much more. The psychologist at the recruitment center believed me and said that she knew a few people with this problem in her private life – but she had not yet met a recruit with this problem. She therefore said that military service was not possible, she would rather see me in civil defense.

recruitment center Picture left: Written exam at the recruitment center

Two hours later I was taken out of the room again.
This time my test was stopped immediately and the colonel took me to the head doctor. She told me that my symptoms, which were due to Wi-Fi, were considered a security risk by the military. I was therefore unfit for military or civilian service and could go home. WLAN sensitivity has thus been recognized (for the first time?) as a UT reason during recruitment. And this was only because of my convincing argumentation about my complaints, without a doctor’s certificate.

Today I was summoned to see the neurologist and head doctor at the cantonal hospital. During the conversation with a strong WLAN, I told her the same symptoms as I did during the recruitment process. I was able to tell her my symptoms directly because I was sitting in the middle of the WLAN radiation. Dr. B took all the explanations from me. I was not the first patient to express such a strong sensitivity to electromagnetic fields,
and she considered it proven that my complaints were due to electromagnetic radiation.
I had just proved it with my statements. It is extremely rare to find people with such severe symptoms. She thinks that this could be genetic.

Now she has no solution to stop me suffering from it, but she suggests the following for now: MRI and further neurological workup to prove that I am neurologically sound and that the current workup measures fail to diagnose electro-hypersensitivity. We are now looking for an appointment.

In any case, it is clear that I was able to achieve a certain recognition of the problem at the recruitment center and the cantonal hospital.

Dr. B told me that I was a very intelligent young man – I should work on a solution to the problems, on a Faraday cage for the whole body with the simplest means. I’m now thinking about what I can do. Some of his fellow students are now at ETH.

I hope that my little report will be of some help to all those who are sensitive.

With best regards. A

From Hans-U. Jacob

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