Swiss Harmony disrupts schools, kindergartens and children’s homes

Since the very beginning of Swiss Harmony, we have offered to harmonize schools free of charge.
Many of our customers who work in the teaching profession have responded enthusiastically to our offer, but unfortunately the reality has disappointed them in most cases.
Resistance inevitably came from within the ranks of the teaching staff. Physics and math teachers in particular dismissed Swiss Harmony’s technology as humbug and so the concerns of individual teachers were unable to make the next step to school management.
To date, we have only harmonized three schools. Unfortunately, we have not received any feedback from them, but we are sure that their students are doing better than at most other schools.

We are expanding our range to include kindergartens and children’s homes

Due to various requests from interested parents, we have now decided to harmonize kindergartens, daycare centers and children’s homes free of charge.

If you are interested, please send us an e-mail. We will be happy to process each individual request.

Harmonization can usually be carried out by the janitor or another handy person. We supply two stainless steel containers filled with quartz sand, which can be easily attached to the main power line and the main water supply using adhesive tape or cable ties.

Through resonance, the harmonizing information stored in these devices affects the passing energy system. In the case of electricity, a harmonic field therefore spreads throughout the building because the energy field of the electricity is measurably present throughout the building. The current becomes the carrier of the harmonic oscillation spectrum. The goat becomes the gardener. This harmonizes all devices connected to the power supply. Their radiation can hardly harm living organisms. This also applies to high frequencies that affect the building from outside because they cannot generate resonances in a harmonic field.

In the case of water harmonization, the second device, the drinking and process water is decontaminated. This means that the information in the drinking water is deleted. The quality is best compared to the well-known and universally appreciated Grander water.

We accompany every harmonization by telephone and by exchanging photos.

If you are interested, please write to:

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