On February 27, another Swiss Harmony report appeared on Swiss television (Schweiz5), in which two customers also had their say by telephone.
This time the show was recorded because Richard Neubersch invited his son Neel to the studio. Neel lives in England and due to his schedule there was no possibility for a live broadcast with him.
Neel talks about his work in America, how Americans deal with electrosmog and what currently concerns them the most.
Two Swiss Harmony customers also have their say.
In his constant endeavor to offer his viewers only high-quality information, Norbert Brakenwagen, the presenter and director of TimeToDo, attaches great importance to talking to people who have Swiss Harmony in their homes and want to talk about their experiences.
Schools are another topic.
Swiss Harmony offers schools free harmonization, but to date no school has taken advantage of this. Norbert Brakenwagen announces that his TV magazine TimeoDo is backing this offer because he has clearly recognized the need for harmonized schools.
Please contact us using the comment field below or TimeToDo if you have children in a school or teach children yourself and could imagine that your school might be open-minded enough to agree to harmonization.