André Papis

Born in Zurich on May 24, 1965.
He has been working in the insurance industry since 1982 and as an independent insurance broker since 1999.
He has been working with many of his clients for decades.
Over the years, he has naturally incorporated his talent for finding sustainable solutions into his advice.
In recent years, he has deepened and anchored his talent with further training in the areas of personality development, perception training, intuition and awareness training.
Together with his life partner, Corinne Isabelle Mikes, he offers various solutions for the good of the whole.
Energetic clearing and cleaning of rooms, buildings and properties (private and commercial) are in great demand.
More and more people in all areas are realizing that environmental pollution etc. is having a destructive effect on their private (e.g. health) or business (business health) lives.
With the solutions from SWISS HARMONY you can optimally supplement your service of energetic clearing and cleansing.
The harmonious climate on all levels.

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