I have had very good experiences with Swiss Harmony.

The harmonization was noticeable even for my guests

In addition to the wonderful drinking water in spring water quality, I particularly noticed that even people who knew nothing about the harmonization were able to perceive the relaxed and harmonious vibrations in my apartment. And to such an extent that the peace I felt penetrated people’s consciousness and they reported this back to me.

However, the effect of harmonization reached its peak when my apartment, like many other apartments, was broken into. In addition to the financial loss, the feeling of losing control over my home was devastating. My confidence in the security of my home and the relaxed calm were destroyed. Like I said, forever.

But then I found that after a while, the feeling of security and relaxation spread through my apartment again. Now you could say that the processing of the shock and the time that had passed had done the rest to rebuild my confidence in the safety of my apartment. That is certainly true. The amazing thing, however, is that the atmosphere around my apartment, in the stairwell, around the house and in the garden continues to be disturbed, nervous and insecure. <strong>Only in my apartment, and I am convinced by the additional harmonizing effect of Swiss Harmony, calm, relaxation and peace have spread again.

Sylvia H., Basel