To show that official authorities have been aware of the potential dangers of mobile telephony and electrosmog per se for some time, we have compiled a summary from a French website. The full article appeared on in August 2014.

This year, French researchers have proven the connection between brain tumors and cell phone use. Not surprisingly, if you know the NASA studies from 1981 – at that time, the US Federal Aerospace Administration was concerned about the health of astronauts. It therefore commissioned research into the possible harmfulness of electromagnetic fields.

NASA commissioned the renowned engineering scientist Jeremy K. Raines with this research assignment. He called his document “The interaction between electromagnetic fields and the human body: effect and theory”. For his report, he examined all available study documents on the subject at the time, and is said to have reviewed over 1000 scientific reports, conference reports, books, journal articles etc. in total.

The French journal “Reporterre” contacted Jeremy K. Raines and sought a personal interview. He was pleased to be contacted and said that he is still interested in the topic and is convinced of the harmfulness of this technology. Not least because of tragic deaths in his working environment, where people were surrounded by electromagnetic fields (TV and radio transmitters).

On page 30 of his report, he describes how people who are surrounded by electromagnetic fields (radio frequency) at work complain of the following subjective health problems: headaches, tiredness, sleep disorders, irritability, hair loss, muscle and heart pain, breathing problems, etc.

On the next page, he describes the clinically established effects that radiofrequency radiation has on workers: disturbances in the endocrine system (hormone balance), high blood pressure, increased thyroid function, exhaustion of the autonomic nervous system, disturbance of the sense of smell and increased histamine levels in the blood.

These symptoms have also been observed in other carefully researched studies.

In a personal interview with “Reporterre”, Jeremy Raines says that the limit values for electromagnetic fields in the USA and Europe were set far too high then and still are today. These limits only prevented obvious heating of body tissue, but not other damage. In the meantime, wireless technologies have “improved”, more and more data can be transmitted even faster; “W-lan, wireless and cell phones are part of everyday life. But the research was not continued. According to Jeremy Raines, for obvious reasons, neither the mobile phone industry nor governments are interested in further serious studies.

Jeremy Raines further emphasizes: “Since our human body also has an electromagnetic system to control vital regulatory processes, it is important to find out at what intensity the electromagnetic signals from outside influence this system . It is absolutely essential to find an answer to this!”

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