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Harmonizes water locally on washing machines or under the kitchen sink

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Approximately 80% of the human body is made up of water so it’s clear that water is vital to our health. It’s just as important that our water be clean.

Swiss Harmony’s MiniTuner Water eliminates harmful information from your water, making it both tastier and healthier. The information that the water will pick up amounts to all it comes into contact with during its life cycle. This may be but is not limited to: Chlorine, DDT, Hormones and various other chemicals. If you have a chlorine smell/taste in your water you will find that it dissipates immediately and any lime scale that forms will be easier to remove from surfaces.

The MiniTuner Water attaches directly to the water pipe or faucet in various places around the house. In the kitchen, for example, you can attach it directly to the cold water pipe under the sink (Example). The hot water will not need a device as it will most likely be mixed with the cold water. In the bathroom, the best place to install it is directly on the faucet. In the shower, it is best to install it either at the end of the hose leading to the shower head (for handheld units), or on the pipe leading to the shower head (For fixed units). If you have a bath tub, you can also attach it directly to the taps/faucet (Example).

Swiss Harmony’s Water MiniTuner eliminates harmful information, making the water much tastier than before.

For an installation guide please click here.

Swiss Harmony’s Water MiniTuner is also perfect for travel. Once it’s attached to the water faucet or tap in a hotel bathroom it will harmonize it.

Water MiniTuner Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 112 x 20 mm (diameter)
Weight: about 110 g
Outer material: Stainless steel with plastic caps
Inner material: Quartz sand with magnetic strips.

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Is Swiss Harmony also effective against 5G?

All our products generate a harmonious vibration spectrum at the information level of the respective energy system (house, apartment, car, human being, animal), just as you would find it in untouched nature.

In such a vibration spectrum (approx. 390 to 780 Nm = light spectrum), artificial frequencies cannot generate resonances and therefore cannot influence our cells.

Regardless of whether these frequencies are between 700 Mhz and 5 Ghz (the frequencies currently used for mobile communications) or between 20 Ghz and 100 Ghz (the frequencies planned for 5G at a later date): In any case, they are far outside the visible light spectrum.

Is your system comparable to hexagonal water, free hydrogen or molecular hydrogen (according to Erich Meidert)?

No, we merely harmonize the water by vibrating it in the frequency range of visible light.

Can I test Swiss Harmony before I buy?

Even though other companies offer non-binding trials for many products, we decided against it.

Instead, we give our customers the opportunity to return all goods purchased in the store without giving reasons within 30 days with a full refund of the purchase price.
For house and apartment harmonizations, we extend this money-back guarantee by a further 3 months to a total of four months. However, this right can be exercised at the earliest two months after installation.

How long do the devices last?

Swiss Harmony’s biotuners are designed to last and remain effective indefinitely, and the oldest devices of this type have been in use for 25 years and are still working perfectly.


BTW mini installation instructions

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